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Aldi is selling wine and Prosecco advent calendars this Christmas

Imagine opening up your advent calendar every day to find a boozy treat inside. Aldi have pulled out all the stops for their alcoholic calendars this year.

If there’s an advent calendar that ever spoke to our needs this time of year, this is it.

It’s officially less than a month until advent calendar season starts.

Opening up those tiny doors to reveal the treat of the day is the December pick-me-up that we all need during this time of year.

Aldi must have heard our prayers for a new and exciting advent calendar that takes the edge off the day as they have just released a wine and prosecco calendar.

With a mixture of red, white, rose and sparkling wines to enjoy every day until Christmas, this advent calendar is the perfect combination of flavours to indulge in.

The Sparkling Calendar is now available on the Aldi website. / Image: Aldi UK

Over the weeks, you’ll consume six bottles of 75cl wine and eight mini bottles of Prosecco DOC.

The Aldi Christmas bestseller is set to sell out quickly, especially as the boozy calendar is priced at £59.99, equating to less than £10 per bottle of wine.

There is also a craft beer and wine-only option available, priced at £44.99 and £49.99 respectively so if you want to save a glass of Prosecco for the 25th, there are still plenty of alcoholic advent calendars for you to choose from.

There is also a Haysmith’s Gin Cracker Advent Calendar available. / Image: Aldi UK

Gin lovers, there’s even an advent calendar for you.

Think traditional dry gin, rhubarb and gin, sloe gin, as well as flavours like seville orange and persian lime, raspberry and redcurrent and the most festive gin of all: spiced plum and clementine.

If these won’t get you in the festive spirit, what will?

These advent calendars are exclusively available online, so you won’t find them down the aisle of the Leeds supermarket stores.

They are limited to two per customer, so make sure you choose your boozy Christmas advent calendar wisely.

Feature Image- Aldi UK

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