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Iceland are launching the perfect cheese board to take into the bathtub

Iceland have combined our two favourite pastimes: eating cheese and unwinding in a bubble bath. Expect to see one on our Christmas list.

If there’s one thing to look forward to as the year draws to a close, it’s closing the day with a chilled evening in the bathtub and tucking into a cheese board.

For some unknown reason, the closer we get to Christmas, the more cheese that enters our fridge. It’s the ultimate comfort food, an indulgent dairy snack, or main meal, if you’re as obsessed as we are and it is the only accompaniment a night on the wine ever needs.

So when Iceland announced that they are introducing a cheese board made for the bath, you can bet we were all ears.

Imagine sinking into bubbly waters, lit only by candle light with one hand reaching for the cheddar and the other turning the pages of a book.

The Snacking Assistant created by the supermarket chain is the only way you will want to devour all of your favourite cheeses. The design behind the board wasn’t just inspired by someone dreaming about the perfect way to relax, there’s plenty of science behind the bathtub cheese board too.

The idea is that the steam from the bath will quickly bring the varieties of cheese to room temperature: this improves the texture and flavour as the fats loosen with heat- who knew?

The product was trialled by Love Island’s Priya Gopaldas, who admitted “The product shoot took longer than it should, mostly because I couldn’t stop eating all the cheese on set.”

She also added that “Now that I’ve tried it, I can definitely say it’s the ultimate bath time accessory“, confirming our suspicions about joining the 15% of Brits that already eat cheese in the bath.

The Cheese Board Bath Rack Set will soon be available on the Iceland website to purchase, costing £10 per set.

All that’s left to do now is grab a cheese board and get the taps running.

Feature Image- Iceland

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