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The working dairy farm just outside Leeds selling gorgeous gelato 

There’s also vegan sorbettos – a milk-free gelato that’s smoother and creamier than your typical sorbet

It’s definitely gelato season, and we’ve found a gorgeous little spot just outside Leeds selling some of the best around.

Called The Milk Churn, it’s located in a little village called Scarcroft and is roughly a twenty-minute drive from the city centre. This spot is definitely well worth the trip, having received some rave reviews for its authentic and fresh Yorkshire gelato.

Everything here is made in the classic Italian style – different from ice cream in that it uses more milk and less cream, resulting in a richer and denser frozen dessert that has less air in it and be more full of flavour.

Image: Ice cream hippy

Making gelato is considered a serious art, especially in Italy (where the treat originates) where there are even gelato universities. And here at The Milk Churn, the milk and cream used in their gelato-making process come straight from the farm. It really doesn’t get any fresher than this.

The team that makes the gelato here trained in Italy at the Gelato University in Bologna before bringing their skills home to Yorkshire.  

As a result, the farm shop and gelato cafe has fast been developing a reputation for the “freshest and most delicious” ice cream in and around Leeds, pulling in some rave reviews online.

Image: Base Camp Blog

“It’s a spot that is quite unknown, but honestly if you love good ice cream, then get yourself there!” said one reviewer.

“The ice cream itself is hands down the creamiest around. Good quality ice cream at a reasonable price. The cones are proper waffle cones, and they also offer tubs if preferred. The variety of flavours is always second to none and you will always be stuck on at least 2 flavours!”

The variety here changes daily, which is perfect for those who want to get stuck in and try as many different types of gelato as possible – and there is also a range of lactose-free sorbettos on offer, perfect for vegans and anyone with a milk intolerance.

There’s also a great little play area here for the kids / Image: Grace Newton

Sorbetto differs from sorbet in that it is served warmer and is silky smooth just like gelato – no crunchy ice crystals here.

The products here are branded ‘Tomoli’ in a sweet nod to the family connection behind it. The name is derived from the next generation of the family here, Thomas and Olivia who, it’s hoped, will take the farm and the Milk Churn forward one day.

Typical flavours on offer tend to include blackcurrant, triple chocolate, honeycomb, orange, strawberry, vanilla and cookies and cream – but these change every day so you’re always going to be in with a bit of a surprise.

Sorbetto flavours on offer, meanwhile, include mango, raspberry and strawberry and and mint.

Not only is there gorgeous gelato to be found here, it’s also a great day out for the little ones as you can take them to meet the cows on the farm and even give them a stroke.

Plonk yourself down, either in the cafe inside or out in the garden on one of the picnic benches, and tuck into some of the finest frozen dessert this side of the Med – we promise, you won’t regret it.

Find The Milk Churn on Beechgrove Farm in Scarcroft on Wetherby Road, LS14 3HQ.

Featured image – That Hong Kong Girl.

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