This Leeds cafe sells a full English breakfast inside a hollowed-out loaf of bread

There’s carb overloads, and then there’s the Loaf Breakfast at Leeds cafe Greasy Pig.

A cafe in Leeds is selling a full English breakfast inside a loaf of bread, and we are completely obsessed.

The creation of the Greasy Pig cafe in Headingley, this bad boy breakfast puts your traditional fry up to shame – piling all of those essential ingredients into a hefty white bloomer casing.

Comprised of two sausages, two hash browns, fried mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, two rashers of bacon and two fried eggs sunny side up, it’s all crammed inside a freshly hollowed-out bloomer then topped with a buttered loaf ‘lid’.

To finish things off, it’s then served with a pot of baked beans on the side – and whilst it’s not mandatory, you know you need a good strong cup of tea or coffee to wash that bread down with too.

The ultimate hangover cure, the ‘breakfast loaf’ is not a new item at the cafe but has proven a long standing favourite with its customers over the years.

Priced at just £11, it’s an absolute steal too.

Of course, if that’s not up your street there’s plenty more to choose from at the Greasy Pig too – from the traditional full English fry up to burgers, grilled sandwiches, 14-inch subs and even salad bowls.

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Image: The Greasy Pig

Whilst the menu stretches throughout the day here, there really are some impressive breakfast dishes on oiffer.

A full ‘muffin bar’ offers super stacks of English oven bottom muffins, tiered just like dirty burgers, with all your breakfast essentials jammed inside.

Diners can choose from veggie and vegan options, as well as opting for different combinations of egg, sausage and bacon.

Elsewhere, you’ll find the likes of pancakes, loaded fries and hot dogs. The Greasy Pig really is a brilliant one-stop scran shop.

You can follow them on Instagram here to find out more.

Feature image – Greasy Pig

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