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Leeds brutally mocked by new Welcome to Hull road signs

“Leeds has improved way more than Hull has in the last few decades, no competition”.

The Leeds-Hull rivalry goes way deeper than football, it’s now displayed on the ‘Welcome to Hull’ sign.

It’s an open secret that certain counties in Yorkshire like to think they’re better than Leeds and whilst we completely disagree, it’s funny to think about the unnecessary vendetor that the likes of Sheffield, Hull and other Yorkshire cities have against Leeds.

Now, the people of Hull have taken the rivalry to an unprecedented level after a new ‘Welcome to Hull’ sign has appeared with mock at our city, reading ‘Welcome to Hull: We know we aren’t perfect but at least we aren’t Leeds’.

BBC News Presenter, Peter Levy was one of the first to spot the mysterious sign and ask the council who put the sign up before sharing his adoration of the sign.

The BBC presenter tweeted, “Bottom line of signs just been put up. Not sure who at ⁦@Hullccnews⁩ is responsible for this but it’s genius. Love it.”

The council have since stated that the sign is suspected to be “a bit of mischievous fun”, but that doesn’t appear to have stopped Twitter users questioning the sign’s authenticity, or why they’re desperate to put a downer on Leeds in the first place.

Hull was named the ‘Capital of Culture’ in 2019. / Image: 43 Clicks North 

The responses to the sign have been mixed, fuelling the rivalry of the two cities even further. One user tweeted “When I lived in Sheffield we used to watch Look North for Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire, as we refuse to watch the one coming from Leeds”, and another jibed “Cool [.] please leave it on there”

Meanwhile, plenty of others jumped to the defence of Leeds, suggesting the sign was in bad taste.

One Twitter user said, ” [I] Suggest the people of Kingston Upon the River Hull don’t need to have snide remarks defaming another city in order to welcome visitors. No city is perfect, we have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of. Please get the line covered up asap and apologise to Leeds.”

‘We know we aren’t perfect but at least we aren’t Leeds. / Image: Peter Levy, Twitter

Other comments included: “I think that is disrespectful. Yes, have great pride in your city but not at the defamation of another” and “Oh come on, surely we’re better than that. What a great way to stir up trouble with away fans, visiting our City. What dimwit on our council thought that one up ?The signs need changing anyway, our City is called Kingston-upon-Hull.”

Hull City Council have since issued a statement to clarify that the sign was not changed by the council itself and was just a bit of fun by a prankster that’s got Yorkshire talking.

Whilst it may all be a bit of banter to Hull, it seems that the sign has sparked more comments about the whether the city should be preferred as Hull or Kingston Upon Hull.

“Please can you put back the rest of the city‘s name. It’s Kingston Upon Hull”

“The people of Hull spoke in a referendum that they wanted Hull over the full Kingston-upon-Hull but let’s not talk about referendums as people get a tad touchy.”

Feature Image- Peter Levy, Twitter

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