Badly-behaved Leeds dogs wanted for new Channel 4 series

Channel 4 is on the hunt for badly-behaved dogs for a new upcoming TV series

If your beloved pooch constantly winds you up no end with its naughty antics, we might have just found the solution to fix all your doggy behaviour problems.

Yes, the creators of a new Channel 4 show are on the hunt for ‘problematic pooches’ from Leeds to train up on camera, and from our walks around the city’s parks, we don’t exactly think they’ll be short of applicants.

If the opportunity for a spot of free dog training sounds good, now is your chance to put your pooch in the spotlight – and solve all those behavioural problems in one fell swoop.

Channel 4 wants naughty dogs for a new series. Credit: Flickr

The dogs who make it onto the small screen will have one-on-one training with experts who will help turn them into happy, well-behaved four-legged friends, reports The Manc.

The Dog Academy, from Five Mile Films, is bringing together a team of dog trainers from across Britain.

Posts from producers have been appearing in local Facebook groups since last week.

They say: “Do you have a problematic pooch? Are you struggling with your dog’s behaviour?

“The makers of Channel 4’s The Dog House bring you a brand new prime time Channel 4 series is looking for misbehaving dogs and their owners.

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“From small quirks to life impacting behaviour, we’ve assembled a team of the very best trainers in Britain to help you transform your dog once and for all.”

If you’ve got a pooch who could do with some training, you can email to apply.

The television company is also behind The Dog House, which follows the work of Wood Green animal shelter as it matches dogs with their forever families.

Feature image – Flickr

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