Customers say their ‘prayers have been answered’ as Greggs teases return of Vegan Steak Bake

It’s a Veganuary miracle!

Vegan foodies are getting all excited, as Greggs appears to be teasing that one of its fan-favourite pasties is making a comeback next month.

As any fan of the popular bakery will tell you, the Steak Bake is an absolute staple of the Greggs menu, and is undoubtedly one of the chain’s best-sellers, meaning it’s been a mainstay in stores for years on end now… but sadly, the same couldn’t be said about the plant-based alternative.

In case you don’t quite remember its release, or didn’t get a chance to try it the first time round, the Vegan Steak Bake is exactly what it says on the tin – a vegan version of the iconic Steak Bake.

First launched to mark Veganuary – which is an annual challenge to promote and educate about veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle for the month of January – all the way back in 2020, the Vegan Steak Bake joined the chain’s popular, and still existing, Vegan Sausage Roll to form part of its growing meat-free lineup.

The Vegan Steak Bake was created to mirror some of the original pasty’s features, according to Greggs.

It featured thin layers of puff pastry, and a filling made with pieces of Quorn instead of beef, all mixed in with diced onions and a meat-free gravy.

While the bake seemed to be a hit with vegans, vegetarians, and those who just fancied a meat-free alternative to their day, it sadly didn’t stick around for too long, and a number of other plant-based options have been introduced in its place ever since – including the Vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe Melt, the Vegan Festive Bake, and more.

But now, if the hints being dropped all over social media are anything to go by, it looks like it’s time for a Vegan Steak Bake comeback in 2024.

Greggs has been taking to Instagram Stories and X this week to reply to fans who have previously been devastated by the Vegan Steak Bake being discontinued, and have more or less confirmed to them that it won’t be long before they’ll get to tuck into one again.

One fan wrote: “Don’t think I’ll ever forgive Greggs for removing the Vegan Steak Bake from their menu tbh”, to which Greggs responded: “What if we said sorry?”

Another eager fan questioned: “When is the Vegan Steak Bake coming back?”, again, to which Greggs cryptically replied back on X: “The Vegan Steak Bake is [REDACTED] on [REDACTED] – hope that helps!”

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Although there have been no details confirmed as of yet, a number of vegan foodie social media platforms – including Vegan Food UK – seem to believe it’ll be stocked on shelves from early January onwards.

And understandably, fans are absolutely made-up about it, with many calling it a “huge day” and some even saying their “prayers have been answered”.

The majority, however, do seem to wish it was the Vegan Sausage, Bean and CheeZe Melt returning instead though – with one fan commenting: “We want the sausage, bean and cheese back,” and another adding: “Vegan sausage, bean & cheeze is what needs to come back, not this,” and a third echoing the same thoughts: “WE WANT VEGAN SAUSAGE BEEN AND CHEESEEEE.”

“Never liked this one tbf,” one person even admitted.

However, despite fans weighing in, nothing has been confirmed about the Vegan Steak Bake’s comeback at this point, nor do we know how long the pasty will stick around for this time if – and when – it does eventually return.

An official announcement on the Vegan Steak Bake for 2024 is expected in due course.

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