Green Room: the brand-new rooftop bar open in Leeds

The long-awaited opening is finally here.

It’s a proper sun trap too.

Local breweries, plant-based street food and North Star coffee served on a huge rooftop bar- this long-awaited opening really has brought everything we love about our city and placed it on a giant rooftop terrace bar.

Serving up some of the biggest food and drink names in the city on a huge sun-trapped rooftop, Green Room is the brand-new city space with everything you need to celebrate the summer season- and it’s now open for you to check out what exactly has been going on behind that green plant mural for the past few months…

Expect barbecues, live DJs and eclectic seating options where guests can unwind with a pint from a local independent brewery in one hand and a delectable choice of plant-based street food in the other, all whilst getting a tan in the summer heat.

Providing the pints, award-winning local breweries like Northern Monk, Kirkstall Brewery and Magic Rock are stocking the fridges and pumping the taps with craft beers and ales aplenty. Meanwhile, the rooftop bar provides mixology at its finest, showcasing a vast selection of cocktails, ranging from a Watermelon Mojito and Peach Margarita to a North Star Espresso Martini.

The Spritz Menu includes a refreshing assortment of summery drinks, including a Cucumber-Gin or Elderflower Spritz, whilst Gin Goblets range from the fruity Rhubarb and Apple to the warming Bombay Sunset. 

two drinks being held up in the sunshine.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

North Star will is a key part of the bar here and is providing non-alcoholic options aplenty to fuel daytime guests with coffee options using ethically sourced coffee beans from the world’s best producers. There’s even space to bring your laptop and set up for a day of remote working inside the open-air space.

Located in the historic building next to the newly renovated Majestic Building and the new Channel 4 HQ, Green Room blends an eclectic mix of industrial fittings, warm soft furnishings, reclaimed furniture to bring laid-back drinking and dining to the masses- and judging by its warm reception at the opening, it’s going to be an incredibly popular watering hole all summer long.

rooftop in sunshine.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

And that’s before they’ve had chance to show off the food or overnight apartment amenities.

Making a conscious effort to merge wellness with nightlife, founders Will Habergham and Kirk Allen have ensured the venue is championing existing Leeds businesses that focus on recycling, sustainability, and a healthier lifestyle. 

As such, the food here will be provided by award-winning vegan cafe Grön, who have made waves across the city with their feel-good plant-based food and Scandi-inspired Oakwood venue.

plate of food.
Image: Green Room / Grön

Think Buddha bowls, sweet potato halloumi hash, alongside classic brunch dishes like avo on toast and Grön’s signature Vegan Pancakes with Blueberry compote, coconut yogurt, fresh blueberries, mint, Biscoff crumb and maple syrup, delish.

And if that’s not enough, there’s also a pair of luxurious two-bedroom apartments, with the same laid-back, leafy decor, will be available to rent on and Expedia- an ideal option for midweek stays and weekend getaways wanting to stay moments from Leeds’ renowned nightlife hotspots.

Sofa in apartment,
Image: Rooms by GR

There’s few places you can work by day and party by night in Leeds, especially on a brand-new £3 million space with a rooftop bar.

Simply put, Green Room is the new innovative social space that you absolutely need to try this summer.

Feature Image- The Hoot Leeds

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