Leeds’ biggest dating ‘icks’ revealed – from body odour to bad manners

In honour of Valentine’s Day, a new survey carried out by Amazon reveals the nation’s biggest ‘icks’ when it comes to dating.

From bad manners to questionable dress sense, there are lots of things that can put you off a potential suitor when first getting to know them.

And now, new research carried out by Amazon’s Chatterbox campaign, reveals what us Leeds lot believe to be our biggest ‘icks’ overall.

First on our ick list is your date having a bad smell, with a whopping 37% of us saying this is the dodgiest thing to look out for on a first date.

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Not too far behind is your date having bad manners with 35%, followed by eating with your mouth open (8%), using too many emojis when texting (you know who you are) and rather bizarrely, the person you’re dating reminding you of a relative (5%).

Finishing off the list is your suitor having bad dress sense with 4% and having bad grammar (2%).

The survey of Amazon’s 70,000-strong diverse UK workforce also revealed how long us brits want to wait before introducing a new flame to their parents.

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The results say that the perfect time to introduce a new romance to the parents is 20 weeks.

However, women in general prefer to hold off for longer – 22 weeks – while men dive straight in at 19 weeks.

The research also shows that the older you are, the less time you take to introduce your family to your new partner. With those over-55 waiting just 15 weeks, six weeks less than the 21 weeks taken by Gen Z.

Amazon’s diverse workforce offers a unique insight into life in modern-day UK, with 5,000 people representing 108 countries.

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