Polite Leeds girls go viral after being ‘so well mannered’ at local restaurant

The pub made ‘four new friends’.

Salute at The White Swan in Rothwell has gone viral for sharing the story of four polite girls that came into the restaurant.

The award-winning restaurant brings Italian food to locals, with a huge array of pizzas, pastas and antipastos on offer.

Having been a friendly, neighbourhood space to unwind with a hearty meal in its current location since 2006, it’s long been known as a space to visit with friends.

Salute at The White Swan often shares online about its customers, both regulars and newcomers, as well as what the staff are up to and ever changing specials – but last week the family-run restaurant found itself going viral for its heartwarming post about four 12 year old girls that visited.

Sharing their ‘four new friends’ on Facebook, Salute shared the following message:

“Meet : Nola, Evie, Lexie & Izzy – They are all 12 yrs old. Yesterday they came to Salute and asked for a table for drinks only! They then ordered 4 glasses of water and asked for as many breadstick as they were allowed!

“They were so well – mannered, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

“I am so happy that Salute can provide a safe and fun place for kids to feel and act like adults. Bonus for them it cost them £0.00.

“For us – We made four new friends and who knows -possible future recruits!”

The post has since amassed a whopping 16,000 likes on Facebook alone and has seen a whole string of comments applauding the hospitality of the pub.

One said “Well done to you for letting them sit there even if they didn’t buy anything, shows you care, well done”, receiving over 1,000 likes alone”.

Another said: “Fantastic! Not having to hang around on the streets…nice place for them to be .. well done team x”

People also shared their own stories from their youth: “When I was 15 until I was 21 I was a regular at a pub with 20+ of friends/people i knew. The reason the landlord let us all in was to keep us out of trouble and out of bad weather instead of being about on the streets. We loved using the jukebox and sat in the pool room playing pool all day and drinking pop. I don’t see the issue here with these kids?”

You can see the full post from Salute at The White Swan here.

Feature Image – Salute at The White Swan

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