The Leeds suburb protected by ‘anti-urine’ paint

community with paint brushes

If you live in Headingley, Hyde Park and Woodhouse and you go to the toilet in public, you may be in for a surprise.

Headingley, Hyde Park and Woodhouse are well-known areas on the famous Otley Run and other boozy events, making them a hotspot for public urination.

A group on Facebook took to the social media platform to explain their disgust at the situation and to explain how they have been protecting their homes.

Apparently, the answer to these neighbourhood problems lies in cans of ‘anti-urine’ protective paint.

The anti-urine paint has been applied to the outside of private properties and a number of public areas. / Image: Cllrs Garthwaite, Walshaw and Pryor

The group shared photos of themselves painting garden fences and bricks explaining that anyone who now tries to urinate on these areas is in for an unexpected surprise.

“The paint applied to walls includes essentially repell[ant] liquid and ‘splashes back’ at whoever is delivering it”.

So if you do choose to urine in a public place in LS6, you will end up covered it your own urine if you choose to relieve yourself in a painted area.

The group are working through a list of private properties that have been affected by these disturbances and a list of suggested locations emailed in by the public.

The team put out a plea to the public to use public toilets in the future rather than using private property as a make-do toilet.

“Many of the recent stories and complaints we have received referenced both the Otley Run and people visiting the stadium.

Given the stadium and the bars and the Otley Run all have toilets, please use them before you leave rather than against someone’s home“.

The paint is an industrial strength surface protection coat that has been bought by the gallon to try and tackle this problem.

The paint has been bought in to tackle public urination as the paint will ‘splash back’ onto anyone that pours any kind of liquid on to a painted space. / Image: Cllrs Garthwaite, Walshaw and Pryor

The Facebook post received a number of positive comments, congratulating the small team for their community efforts and suggesting alternatives such as reinstating public toilets on high streets.

If you needed a reminder to use the bathroom before leaving for your next stop on the Otley Run this weekend, this is it.

Feature Image- Cllrs Garthwaite, Walshaw and Pryor

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