Yorkshire school sparks debate online after banning PJ’s on the school run

Ayresome Primary School in Yorkshire has cooked up a storm online after asking parents and carers to ditch the PJs and ‘dress appropriately’.

A Yorkshire primary school has sparked controversy online after declaring a ‘no PJ’ rule for parents and carers on the school run.

If you’re a regular on the school run, you may have found yourself in one of two camps: the dressing gowns or the, well, dressed.

Sometimes, parents are simply in a rush to get out the door and prioritise getting their kids in on time above dressing themselves – but now a school in North Yorkshire has sparked a viral debate after putting out a post on Facebook banning dressing gowns and other bedroom attire.

Ayresome Primary School in Middleborough, North Yorkshire astounded parents by issuing the Facebook notice to parents and carers, which stated that pyjamas, dressing gowns and other nighttime clothing are ‘not appropriate’.

The post read: “Please can we ask that all parents / carers dress appropriately when dropping off and collecting children from school.

“Dressing gowns on the school yard are not appropriate.”

According to reports, some parents have already been individually asked to ‘dress appropriately’ for the school run when they are dropping off or picking up their children proir to the post being put on Facebook.

Ayresome Primary School are not the first nor the last to instil a ‘no pyjama’ rule on those completing the school run, but they have made headlines across the UK and sparked debate on social media.

Even Jeremy Vine weighed in on the action and stumbled across mixed responses.

Working mum Danielle Kennedy responded to the tread, stating that she “dropped regularly wearing my pyjamas after working nights when my kids were small but threw a fleece/coat on over and never got out of the car and straight back to bed”.

Further responses continued to divide the public, with one saying: “[It is] the most chavvy thing ever”

another said, “If their kids are happy, healthy, clean and getting their kids to school on time… who cares”.

Whilst another added, “I don’t really see the difference between wearing pyjamas and a tracksuit [or] loungewear”.

Some parents at Ayresome Primary School are worried that the viral message will not make parents change the way that they dress and some claimed the debate is getting worse.

Almost everyone appears to feel strongly one way or another about the new ‘no pyjama rule’ at the local Primary School: leaving us with one question, are you team dressing gown or no dressing gown on the school run?

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