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Electricity North West deploys vans with free hot food and drink following power cuts

Postcodes still affected include properties in Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield and Wakefield

Following huge power cuts across Yorkshire, Cumbria and the North East this weekend, power supplier Electricity North West is deploying vans with free hot food and drink to affected customers in some regions today.

The utility company has sent out vans with hot food and drink across Cumbria from 9am, reaching locations in Coniston, Alston and Ambleside – however, hundreds of homes in West Yorkshire still remain without power and will not see repairs until later today.

Postcodes still affected include properties in Bradford, Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield and Wakefield, reports the BBC.

Electricity North West has put out a call to businesses within the South Cumbria and Peak region of the North West to help with supplying hot food and drinks to local communities affected by Storm Arwen.

Anyone who thinks they might be able to help is being encouraged to contact the company’s customer welfare team via email.

Customers were quick to reply, with some applauding the company for its efforts to help local communities whilst others took to the comment section to complain – with some stressing that they were now facing their third day without power, amidst freezing temperatures.

One follower said, “well done , hoping you get extra resources shipped in to help you”.

Another said, “What about those without power still in Buxton SK17??? Its been 55 hours now!!!!”

A third added, “What about BB10 4RR just would appreciate an update, no power since Friday night”.

A fourth simply said, “3 days without power”.

Storm Arwen has left thousands of people without power in the UK, leaving many without heating or electricity since Friday.

High winds and heavy snowfall brought by the storm did serious damage to the region’s power network, leaving almost a quarter of a million people without power at some points over the weekend.

The storm cut off power to 240,000 homes in the north of England alone, as the country was battered with sleet, snow and gale-force winds over the weekend.

Electricity North West described the network damage caused by storm Arwen as “devastating” with 83,000 of its properties left without power at one point.

As of Sunday evening, 72,000 customers on the network had seen their power restored.

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