A restaurant in Leeds is selling a lasagna pizza with deep-fried pasta on it

A carb-fuelled collaboration between two beloved Italian delicacies.

Ever struggled deciding whether to order a pizza or the lasagna? Well now you don’t have to.

The masterminds at Pizza Pilgrims are always inventing the most weird and wonderful creations at their pizzeria on Boar Lane.

Serving up a monthly special, last month they were providing punters with a fondue pizza which you could dip actual pickles into.

And this March their special is just as whacky, and most importantly just as delicious, as they present to us ‘The Lasagna’.

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Yes it’s just what it says on the tin, a carb-fuelled collaboration between two beloved Italian delicacies.

Slow-cooked beef ragu, mozzarella, béchamel sauce, pecorino and deep-friend lasagna sheets all stacked on top of their signature fluffy dough.

It’s bringing everyone’s favourite part of the lasagna (the corner slice), into every single slice.

And it’s only on til the end of the Month so you best be quick if you fancy a pizza the action (sorry).

They’ve also teamed up with Grass Roots regenerative beef to make the pizza more eco-friendly.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Pizza Pilgrims is a recent addition to the Leeds food scene, but they’ve quickly made a name for themselves when it comes to serving up an impressively good slice.

As the name suggests, their pilgrimage to make the perfect pie started back in 2011 which led them to a signature recipe which features a double fermented dough topped with fresh ingredients and baked at 500 ̊C.

The result? A pizza good enough you’ll take one bite and think you’re dining in a Roman piazza.

Featuring a huge range of flavours from your classic Margherita and Pepperoni to something a little more quirky like the Americana which has hot dogs and chips on it (yes, again we aren’t joking), these guys are switching up the pizza game and we are absolutely here for it.

So whatever pizza you fancy, take a trip to Pizza Pilgrims and enjoy.

Take a look at their full menu here.

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Featured images – The Hoot Leeds / Pizza Pilgrims

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