This Leeds bar has dedicated its entire Sunday menu to hangovers

We believe that for serious hangovers, the Tabasco Benny Burger and some strong coffee, is the only combination you need.

Tabasco sauce, cheesy crumpets and a Bloody Mary- name a better hangover cure.

Picture the scene. It’s a Sunday lunchtime and you’ve just rolled out of bed- or maybe you’ve just gone to get some shut eye. Whether you’re sleep deprived or just plain hungover, nothing beats a good hangover cure to get you back to your usual equilibrium.

If you’ve ever walked into Springwell on a Sunday then you’ll know that this is the only place you should be getting your hangover fix from.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Kerbside Kids got themselves a kitchen with the home of North Brew Co back in April 2021 and have been battling the aftermath of the night before since August with their specially-made ‘Recovery Sundays’ menu full of the best comedown cures around.

Think grilled cheese sourdough crumpets with kerbside beans, a fried egg, bloody Mary ketchup and Tabasco Sriracha sauce- and that’s just the beginning.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

If you need something a little more filling to get those electrolytes back, the brekkie burgers are your best bet. The Morning Glory burger is made up of a sausage patty with smoked streaky bacon and complete with a fried egg, hash brown and American cheese on an English muffin with HP or Heinz ketchup- making up an entire full English breakfast in one stack.

For serious hangovers, the Tabasco Benny Burger seems to be incredibly popular. Kerbside Kids firmly believe that Tabasco sauce is the way to kill any hangover, and so far nobody has challenged their hypothesis, so we’re assuming that they’re right.

For anyone craving a full English the day after the night before, but need an extra kick to get you going: a toasted sesame seed bun with smoked streaky bacon, sausage patty, American cheese and a poached egg with Tabasco Sriracha hollandaise, chilly crunch and chives is all you need.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

There’s also the likes of black pudding dirty fries on offer with sausage gravy, chopped streaky bacon, crumbled black pud and Tabasco Chipotle sauce with a fried egg and fries on offer, alongside the vegan friendly Avo Hash Smash with hash browns, double vegan American cheese or smashed avo, pico de gallo and an English muffin.

Of course, their Tater Tots are still available and come as a regular portion, fiery option or with truffle parmesan.

If you’re more of a hair of the dog drinker, or just don’t want the party to end ‘just because it’s a Sunday‘, you can get your boozy fix from Kerbside Kids- they are based in a brewery after all. There’s Bloody Marys aplenty and Mimosas available for those brave enough to drink on a delicate stomach, or Sangria topped with a piñata too.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Of course, there’s plenty of coffee available too if you just want to sober up and feel like a normal human being without the headache again.

The hangover-curers are also set to open up for delivery, using Deliveroo, this year too. Kerbside Kids stated on Instagram “Burgers all Friday and Saturday @springwelllds Burgers on Deliveroo Weds-Sunday from January. Hunting for a city centre spot, if you know anywhere with a kitchen holla us. But yeah that’s happening, so see ya Sunday for an all day Brunch ting. Will be mixing things up with the menu in the new year but this legend will live forever”.

Image: The Hoot Leeds

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To get your Recovery Sunday fix, you’ll find Kerbside Kids at Springwell in Leeds. The venue is open 11am – 9pm, but timings for Kerbside Kids may vary slightly from this. If you’re after a non-hangover burger, their regular menu is available every Friday and Saturday at the same location.

Feature Image- Kerbside Kids

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