Yorkshire Wildlife Park is hosting sunset safari sessions this summer

This looks totally ROARsome.

Embark on a magical sunset safari and see Yorkshire Wildlife Park in a different light.

The county’s top wildlife park is making the most out of the long summer nights and inviting guests to spend the night at the zoo.

Explore Yorkshire Wildlife Park in a completely different light as the gates are kept open until 9:30pm, allowing you to wander the park at dusk.

As the sun sets over the rolling hills of Yorkshire, visitors can take a stroll and watch the magic unfold as the animals come to life.

Two people on a safari.
Image: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Animals like polar bears become more active and playful at night, so if you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of some fun creatures at play.

Taking place on Saturday 5 August 2023, ticket entry includes live entertainment from 4:30-8:30pm and park access all day long.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Park website reads “See the sun set beyond Into Africa as the majestic Lions call in the night.

“Explore Project Polar and watch the Bears dive in for an evening swim, or delve into the deep jungle of South America as the primates swing in the final glimmers of the summer sun!”

A lion.
Image: Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Looks totally roarsome, don’t you think?

Tickets cost £24.99 per adult and £20.99 per adult, grab your ticket here and be quick before they sell out.

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Built on a former riding school and small farm attraction, Yorkshire Wildlife Park opened in April 2009 and has become a dynamic centre for conservation and welfare.

With over 400 animals and over 70 species, it is the UK’s number one walkthrough wildlife experiences.

Featured image – Yorkshire Wildlife Park

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