You can now play crazy pool at Roxy Ballroom on Merrion Street

The Merrion Street site has had an overhaul

Roxy Ballroom has given itself a big upgrade, bringing some never-before-seen games to Merrion Street as part of a recent overhaul.

There’s a host of new games to play here following a huge overhaul merging Roxy Ballroom with its former sister venue, Roxy Arcade.

The basement space has been completely refitted to turn the venue into a massive gamer’s paradise, with games now spread over three floors.

New gaming additions include an amazing crazy pool course bathed in UV light.

Here, you’ll need to navigate a host of obstacles to make your hole in one (or seven). It’s kind of like mini-golf in that you get nine holes, but instead of a putter, you’re using a pool cue around pool tables.

They’ve also introduced a new game called duckpin bowling – a shorter version of the popular tenpin, combined with skittles.

Roxy Ballroom

And we’ve got to talk about Bank Shot Shuffleboard. Using a board that loops back on itself, Roxy’s twisted the much-loved game to make it more challenging to get your puck into the scoring zones.

On top of all this, there’s also new ping pong, beer pong, American pool tables – so If you’ve got a competitive streak, this will be up your street for sure.

Speaking on the refurb, Roxy brand development manager Joel Mitchell said: “We are all extremely excited about taking our Merrion Street venue to another level.”

“I’m confident the people of Leeds are going to love our new-look, supersized venue when it finally reopens, and I know jaws will drop when they check out the new basement bar and see the massive selection of gaming that is now on offer.”

Roxy Ballroom on Merrion Street is open on Merrion Street 3pm-1m Sunday to Thursday, 3pm-4am Friday and 12pm-4am Saturday.

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