The Leeds hairdressers where you can request a no small talk ‘silent treatment’

A Leeds hairdresser is offering a silent treatment that allows you to practice self-care however you see fit: with a podcast, a book or simply by sitting in silence.

Sit back, relax and grab a cuppa whilst you’re at it- you can talk as little as you want during this hair appointment.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like making small talk.

Whether it’s been a long day, week, month; you’re introverted, anxious talking to new faces, or you’re simply exhausted of having conversations with people that you know you won’t see again- sometimes all we want to do is sit in silence, and that’s okay.

Honouring this wish for a little peace, a hairdressers in Roundhay is now offering a treatment that allows you to cut out the small talk and get on with anything else just desire, even if that just means sitting in silence and enjoying the experience.

Image: Adam Winger, Unsplash

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Bring a book, pop your headphones in and listen to your favourite podcast or just take some time to reflect, clear your head and be left to your thoughts and you have your hair carefully washed, treated, dyed or cut.

There’s nothing wrong with having some self-care time, and for some of us, that certainly includes this ‘silent treatment’.

SL Hair is the first place we’ve heard of in Leeds to offer this as a no fuss treatment, where you don’t need to awkwardly ask to be left alone, nor will you be questioned or judged for not wanting to have a chat- all you need to do is request the ‘silent treatment’ upon booking.

Image: S L Hair

Owner Sam opened SL Hair on Lidgett Lane in Roundhay back in September 2021 and the hairdressers offers a whole host of treatments for all ages, genders and hair styles- available to those that want to chat and those that want the ‘silent treatment’ respectively.

Expect everything from a children’s cut to barber-style chops to balayage, hair extensions and styling- and all treatments come at a reasonable price.

Image: S L Hair

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For more information, visit SL Hair on Facebook or visit the salon on Lidgett Lane in Roundhay to book your appointment and give the silent treatment a trial.

Feature Image- Unsplash

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