The Leeds indie film lab capturing candid moments at local independents

Operating as a mail order service, you’d be forgiven for not seeing Take It Easy out and about in Leeds – but it’s a name you need to get Googling.

Taking its home in Leeds in 2020 just before the pandemic, Take It Easy is one of Leeds’ most exciting indie film labs.

Founded by one of the city’s most recognisable faces and over 15 years of industry experience, these guys aren’t just developing film, they’re capturing everyday life, the spilt coffee, the customers in cosy corners of the bookshop, the footy team playing in the rain – and all whilst showing support for the local independents around Leeds and beyond.

From humble beginnings in the late 00s, founder Liam was working at Snappy Snaps on The Headrow and found Nick Baines (aka Peanuts from the Kaiser Chiefs) as a regular customers.

Once Snappy Snaps closed, Nick and Liam together bought some of the old developing equipment and sought to start a business along with Liam’s cousin Joe. Despite having the passion for developing film, the plans were short lived and the film developer was put into storage – until 2020.

The company now employs a full time team of seven and continues to support photographers both big and small.

As part of its community-driven support for Leeds, Take It Easy hands out point and shoot cameras to local independents for the week to capture ‘a week in the life’ from their perspective.

Here’s just a few that we’ve spotted over on the Take It Easy blog….

person on a boat surrounded by plants.
A week in the life of Hold Fast. / Images: Take It Easy
two people smiling at a camera next to books.
outside of cinema with Hyde Park on a sign.
A week in the life of Hyde Park Picture House. / Images: Take It Easy
person pointing a gun on the stairs.
A week in the life of The Brunswick. / Images: Take It Easy
A dog stood on a tabletop covered in books.
A week in the life of Village. / Images: Take It Easy
person holding up a piece of paper over their face.
brick will with 'sarto' painted in red.
A week in the life of Sarto. / Images: Take It Easy
person cooking a dish with a pan in their hand.
Take It Easy X MAP Charity. / Images: Take It Easy

The results speak for themselves, and have us eagerly refreshing Instagram to check back for new businesses getting involved every month.

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You can find out everything you need to know about Take It Easy on their website here.

Feature Image – Take It Easy

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