Black Sheep Brewery launches popular carbon neutral beer in a bottle

Here’s how you can get your hands on a bottle.
Black Sheep Brewery beer called Respire.

The Yorkshire brewery’s popular tipple ‘Respire’ has been launched in bottle form for the first time – and is now available in supermarkets across the region.

Yorkshire’s own Black Sheep Brewery has launched it’s hugely popular, carbon neutral beer ‘Respire’ in a 500ml bottle.

Described as a ‘breath of fresh air’, the beer is a bright and crisp session IPA, laced with juicy notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

Respire was originally launched last year on Earth Day (22 April) in cask and served on tap in pubs across the country.

Quickly, Respire became one of the brewery’s most popular creations and this success has led the brewery to launch it in bottle form.


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Completely carbon neutral, Black Sheep Brewery has a continued partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust to support environmental projects in the Yorkshire Dales. Every pint of Respire contributes to the charity, with £5 from every brewer’s barrel donated to support their work.

Beer lovers can purchase Respire in selected Waitrose and Co-op stores, and in Asda nationwide from May.

Charlene Lyons, CEO at Black Sheep Brewery commented on the launch: “Due to the rising popularity of Respire in cask and the growing demand from customers to be able to purchase the beer in their local store, we felt it was only right to give beer lovers what they want and launch Respire in bottle form. 

Pints of Respire from Black Sheep Brewery.
Image: Black Sheep Brewery

“Just like when we launched Respire in cask, we measured the whole carbon footprint of the brewing, bottling and distribution process and we will be offsetting this by funding high impact bio-diversity projects. North Yorkshire has set ambitious targets to be carbon neutral by 2034 and carbon negative by 2040, therefore we felt it was only right to continue our commitment to becoming a sustainability-focused business for the benefit of the entire region”.

The release of the new bottled beer marks exactly one year since the carbon neutral beer was introduced.

If you simply can’t wait and want to get your hands on a bottle of Respire today, you can order it from the Black Sheep Brewery website.

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