‘Misleading’ vegan packaging leaves Costa customer furious- and the internet in hysterics

Turkee or turkey: can you tell which one is the vegan version? A viral Tweet has accused Costa Coffee of ‘mislabelling’ their Christmas menu.

A customer’s complaint has gone viral after they shared their disbelief at the ‘misleading’ packaging online.

The Christmas range of hot chocolates, sweet treats and sandwiches are all part of arguably the best Christmas perk of all: the festive menus.

Costa Coffee are just one of the national brands that bring their menu to life with exciting festive alternatives.

The company came under the scrutiny of one angry customer as they believed that their vegan labelling is ‘misleading’.

The customer was furious that they ‘might have’ had to eat a vegan turkey sandwich, rather than the real meat version.

Person complains about ‘misleading’ Costa packaging after ‘nearly’ eating a vegan toastie, The Manc
Image: Twitter

The original Tweet read: “Nearly picked up a fake turkey and stuffing toastie in @CostaCoffee today.

“How misleading to call it a Turkee, cranberry and stuffing toastie! No thanks!

“What on earth is turkee?? #costa #misleading #badlabelling”.

The controversial post has received attention from vegans and meat-eaters alike confused by the so-called ‘misleading’ information.

“Well done Costa….brilliant to see ethical food clearly labelled ..the bright large green circle with VEGAN written is a ‘dead’ giveaway….but nothing dead about this! More & more are choosing the right way to eat. Yay! Plant based/Vegan’s still have very few choices so thanku”.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive and many praised Costa for their inclusive Christmas menu.

The viral Tweet was picked up by thousands of users in the trending section. / Image: Twitter

Despite mentioning that the toastie is vegan three times on the front of the packaging, a few others have noted “accidentally pick[ing] up a vegan Christmas toastie” but with a completely different, non-accusatory outcome.

“It was the best toastie I’ve ever had”.

The original ‘mislabelling’ tweet was eventually backed up my a follow up tweet from the author.

“Wow, can’t believe the hatred and nasty messages I’ve had about this tweet. I have no anti vegan agenda.

“I just don’t want to be tricked into eating some made up turkee when I want actual turkey. I have no issues with people’s personal choice.

“Chill out Tweeters”.

The account was still subject to mass ridicule with many pointing out the author “didn’t know when to stop”.

The viral Tweet appears to have only given more attention to the vegan menu available at Costa, with many now vouching to try the toastie as a result.

Feature Image- Joshua James Wickham-Young, Twitter

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