The Leeds restaurant named for serving one of the UK’s best Sunday roasts

Is it Sunday yet?

A new study has revealed Leeds the UK city with the best roast dinners, but this one restaurant takes the biscuit.

It is absolutely no surprise that us Leeds lot love a roast.

A proper Yorkshire pudding, crispy roast potatoes and lashings of thick gravy – when it’s done right, you just can’t beat it.

And now, a Leeds restaurant is being celebrated for serving one of the UK’s best ever Sunday roasts, hooray!

The study, ran by price comparison website Idealo, has overall crowned Leeds as the UK’s best city for ‘Instagrammable roast dinners’, and as part of the research has crowned the Ox Club to be serving one of the best in the UK.

And we have to say, we wholeheartedly agree.

A cult foodie favourite amongst locals, the Ox Club which is attached to rooftop bar Headrow House focus on live fire cooking and have maintained a spot on the Good Food Guide for a few years now.

Known for their incredible steaks, it is no surprise that their Sunday roast is absolutely banging.

Choose from roast rump cap of beef with bone marrow gravy, black pudding and onion porchetta with pig trotter gravy or grilled squash with truffle grains and wild mushroom.

The menu is ever changing with the season, but we assure you that with any visit you certainly won’t be disappointed.

The real star of the show (in our opinion) are the Pomme Anna potatoes, layers of soft fondant potatoes with a crispy, crunchy outer edge. You won’t find a better potato in the city.

Katy Phillips, senior brand and communications manager at Idealo, said: “The most important aspect of a roast is, of course, the taste, but everyone looks for something a bit different.

“Choice is abundant across the UK, so we wanted to help find the best spots in the biggest cities for those on a roast hunt or just wanting to try their best local Sunday lunch — whether your priority is affordability, luxury, tradition or modern flavours.”

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Featured image – Ox Club

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