This bar in Leeds is making cocktails inspired by Coco Pops and other childhood memories

There’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle zombies, Coco Pops White Russians and brain-freezing boozy slushes.

Snap, crackle and pop- but for grown ups.

There’s few cocktails that are able to bring back a nostalgic childhood memory without it raising a few eyebrows, and concerns- but if you want a drink that will transport you back to that spot where you’d have your brekkie before school, this Leeds bar have nailed it.

Sandinista’s marketing draws many parallels to the Coco Pops original. / Image: Sandinista

The Sandinista has only been open a mere six months but their exciting menu of nostalgic cocktails is sure to make the bar a long-time watering hole on the corner of Belgrave Street.

Nestled between The Watermark Bar and Tepanyaki, past Belgrave, you’ll find the brains behind Blind Tyger and Smokestack offering out no less than a Coco Pops inspired cocktail.

Known as the ‘Smack, Craic & POP!’, the very grown up drink was inspired by a White Russian and consists of Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey and Nixta Corn Liqueur and then oat milk is mixed with cacao to create that chocolate milk that we all know and love.

The ‘Smack, Craic & POP!’ cocktail. / Image: Sandinista

Elsewhere on the menu, you can find reminders of your schooldays when you’d drink enough Slush Puppies until you had brain freeze- but this time, there’s far more than just juice in it.

Choose from either the Mango Margarita, a Olmeca Los Altos blanco tequila concoction with lime juice and mango purée or a frozen Raspberry Daiquiri made from Havana Club 3 year rum, lime juice and raspberry purée.

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The TMNT Zombie. / Image: Sandinista

There’s also zombies on the menu that came from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Kingston 62 White, Appleton Signature Rum, Doorlys 5-year, Wray & Nephew, Falernum, red wine grenadine, pineapple, orange juice and mixed citrus cordial in a sugar-topped glass.

If all those nostalgic drinks aren’t filling enough, Sandinista has got some real good looking burgers from Punk Food Project available that add even more colour to the menu.

Think tasty meaty patties sandwiched between rainbow swirled bagel burger buns, some even topped with a little paper umbrellas.

Rainbow Sandinista burgers from Punk Food. / Image: Sandinista

The popular bar spot is serving all those who love a bit of Punk Food as well as “those of you who come alive with liquid spirit, craft beer and late night rock n roll, indie and hip-hop” and sounds ideal for a place to let off a bit of steam and taste some grown up versions of our childhood treats.

Feature Image- Sandinista

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