Inside the Leeds pub that was once home to Yorkshire’s only female serial killer

A fortune-teller, a thief and eventually a cold blooded murderer…

Built around 200 years ago now, this Leeds pub was once home to the infamous ‘Yorkshire Witch’.

The Lamb and Flag nestled on Church Row just off Kirkgate is one of Leeds’ most charming and iconic pubs.

A cosy inn that serves up cracking Sunday roasts and boasts a great beer selection, you’ve most likely enjoyed a drink or two in this gorgeous pub.

But did you know that it was once home to the ‘Yorkshire Witch’? Or you may know her better as Yorkshire’s only female serial killer.

Mary Bateman was a fortune-teller, a thief and eventually a cold blooded murderer, who resided here with her husband John and their four children.

Profiting off the belief of her witchcraft, Mary would hoax her customers with false prophecies and fake potions which were actually poisonous.

Once her visitors consumed these potions and met a fatal death, Mary would steal all of their belongings from their homes and bring them back to her home to store.

Mary’s cons and crimes carried on for many years, until eventually she was caught and all of the stolen goods and poisoned potions were found in her home (now the Lamb and Flag). Pretty spooky, if you ask us.

The Yorkshire Witch and her husband.
Mary Bateman and her husband. Image: Wikipedia

Following the death of Rebecca Perigo, Mary was trialled for murder and found guilty with judges sentencing her to death by hanging.

But don’t worry, as today you won’t find any poisonous substances…only fantastic food and drink which you can enjoy in a cosy (perhaps slightly haunted) atmosphere.

So next time you fancy a cheeky pint at the Lamb and Flag, look out for Mary Bateman…if you dare.

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Featured image – The Hoot Leeds

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