A Peaky Blinders stage show is coming to Yorkshire

The Rambert Dance company bring new Peaky Blinders stage show to Yorkshire in early 2023.

By order of the Peaky Blinders: this Rambert Dance version of the smash-hit TV show is coming to Yorkshire.

Have you finished the last series of Peaky Blinders and are already wanting more? Then look no further, the gritty television drama set in Birmingham is being adapted into a stage show and is coming to Yorkshire next year.

Written by the original creator, Steven Knight, the show will be called ‘Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby’ and will delve into the story of everyone’s favourite brummie gangster Tommy Shelby.

Image: The Rambert Dance Company

The production kicks off from the trenches of WW1 at the end of the war and follows Shelby and Grace’s passionate love affair. The audience will then follow Tommy as he builds his empire and as the story unfolds, many hearts are broken.

The production is an original from leading British theatre group The Rambert Dance Company, whom specialise in telling stories through contemporary dance.

This new show will be no exception, the tale will be told by the company’s 20 permanent cast members through dazzling, aesthetic dance from choreographer Benoit Swan Pouffer. The iconic peaky music will be played by a live, onstage band which is guaranteed to blow you away.

Steven Knight says “Peaky Blinders has always had music and movement at its heart and now the beating heart of the show will be transferred to the stage, an interpretation of Tommy’s story performed by Rambert, one of the leading dance companies in the world.

Image: Birmingham Hippodrome

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This is dance for people who don’t usually watch dance and what I’ve written has been transformed into something startling by consummate dancers and choreographers. If the concept of a Peaky Blinders dance seems strange, reserve judgement and reserve a ticket.”

This performance is certainly going to be a spectacle which you do not want to miss.

The production is touring the UK and will be in Bradford at the historic Alhambra Theatre from the Wednesday 25 January – Saturday 28 January 2023. Tickets are already on sale on the Bradford Theatre website.

Feature Image- Birmingham Hippodrome

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