Adorable hedgehog rescued from a drain by local heroes in Pudsey

We’re not crying, you are.

Leeds firefighters were called to Stanningley Road on Tuesday 19 March when a hedgehog needed urgently rescuing.

The adorable little fella had fallen down a 5ft hole in the Pudsey area, but luckily the local firefighters were there to save the day.

The RSPCA have now said that following a period of much needed rest and recuperation with a hedgehogs charity, the animal has been released into the wild just six days after the incident.

And if this heartwarming story hasn’t got you welling up yet, then buckle up.

Because the hedgehog has now been “aptly named” Curious George as a result of his exploits.

Image: RSCPA

It’s safe to say we are now Curious George’s biggest fans and will be protecting him at all costs.

Aleesha Haddlesey, animal rescue officer at the RSPCA, said he had “got himself completely wedged in, so the only option was to dig up the drain to get him out”.

Oh George, aren’t you a silly billy.

George “had a few days of TLC” with the West Yorkshire-based Shelley Hedgehogs organisation following his rescue, said Ms Haddlesey.

“With hedgehog numbers sadly in decline, we were all delighted he was able to return to the wild unscathed from his ordeal,” she added.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “When there is genuine concern for the safety of an animal and the RSPCA are not able to rescue with their capabilities, we will send an officer to assess and, where possible, work with the charity to release the animal safely.”

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Featured image – RSPCA

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