Bundobust has released a limited-edition sandwich menu packed with vegan specials

With a sandwich, side and drink for under a tenner on offer…

Meal deals never looked so good.

Vegetarian and vegan restaurant Bundobust has been championing the fine flavours of Indian street food for 10 years now, and every few months seems to have a new specials that’ll have even the most committed meat lovers swapping for plant-based options.

The Bombay Sandwich is back for 2024 and is the perfect stand-out dish to welcome the new year of office meal deals with. Think double-decker grilled sarnie with crispy potato pakoras, melty vegan cheddar, chutneys and salad before being seasoned in sandwich massala and chutneys top and bottom.

Make sure to add a side of Sambhar Soup to this one for dipping: it’s the perfect winter warmer combo. The hot and sour soup is an OG Bundobust dish made with aubergines, lentils and gourd – and has a wonderful warming aftertaste.

bombay sandwich held in the air outside a Bundobust sign.
Bombay Sandwich. / Image: The Hoot Leeds
a sandwich held in the air and a wrap on a plate.
Bombay Sandwich and Chaap Kathi Roll. / Image: The Hoot Leeds

New for 2024 is that Chaap Kathi Roll: green masala marinated in chaap kebab, massala slaw and a sweet, spicy apple ketchup all wrapped within a homemade turmuric and cumin roomali roti. The soy-based meat substitute is perfect for those meat eaters that are struggling to parts way with meat-like textures during Veganuary, and we’ve heard it’s proving a really popular option in India at present for this very reason.

The Bundobust classics Bhaji Butty (giant onion bhaji in a butty) and a vegan Vada Pav (which in simple terms can an only be incredible potato-based ball of goodness) are back on the menu too with the option to add into a meal deal.

The four sandwiches can be served with a side and soft drink, including some new Indian drinks like Thums Up and Limca) for £9.95 or upgrade to a pint of Python from Bundobust’s own brewery for £12.95.

vada pav and bhaji butty held together.
Bhaji Butty and Vegan Vada Pav / Image: The Hoot Leeds
bhaji butty with desi crisps.
Bhaji Butty, Gunpowder Idli and Desi Crisps / Image: The Hoot Leeds

Additional sides include the addictive Gunpowder Idli: deep-fried fluffy steamed lentil dumplings in a seriously addictive umami seasoning; as well as Desi crisps: the ultimate party mix that’ll put your supermarket meal deal to shame.

Available from Thursday 4 January – Sunday 11 February 2023, make sure to head over to Mill Hill for your new year Bundo fix – and if you spot us, come say hello! It’s safe to say we’ll be eating here a lot over our lunchtimes to make the most of the six week offer.

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