Coca-Cola confirm the return of famous Christmas Trucks for 2023

Holidays are coming…

It’s not Christmas until you’ve gone and got a Coca-Cola from the giant red van.

And we’re not going to have to wait too long for its return.

Coca-Cola confirmed that ‘Holidays Are Coming’ on Twitter after user @TimWorth1 asked “Hey @CocaCola_GB is there going to be a truck Christmas tour this year?”

The soft drink giants replied, stating: “Hi Tim! We can confirm that there will be a Truck Tour this year however our team are still finalizing the details so keep an eye on our socials for updates. Thanks The Coca-Cola Team”

Last year, the soft drink road trip took on a ‘magical winter market’ setting with activities, festive food huts, an ‘elfie selfie’ photo opportunity and a chance to purchase personalised Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar and Coca‑Cola Original Taste.

The Coca-Cola Christmas truck dates way back to 1995, where their catchy jingle “holidays are coming” has given soft drink lovers a taste of Christmas in a red bottle.

The festive packages, paired with real-life visits from the Christmas Truck have made the industry giants an unforgettable Christmas tradition. In recent years, soft drink lovers have queued to grab a free sample of the drink; grab a selfie with the truck and even purchase personalised merchandise from the company.

In 2020, the Coca-Cola Christmas truck skipped a year, assumably due to the pandemic, but with a confirmed return for 2023, we can begin to guess when exactly the big red truck will hit the road and drove across the UK to give out refreshing drinks to city dwellers.

Last year, the Coca-Cola truck made three stops in Leeds, with stints outside supermarkets Leeds’ Kirkstall and ASDA Morley, as well as puling up at White Rose Shopping Centre.

Although the final dates and locations for the van are yet to be announced, we’re pretty confident that Leeds will make the cut, given it has appeared on the Coca-Cola Christmas roadmap for as long as we can remember.

Where do you think we’ll see the Coca-Cola truck pop up in Leeds this year?

Feature Image – Coca-Cola

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