Everything you need to know about the elections in West Yorkshire tomorrow

The inaugural West Yorkshire mayoral elections will be held tomorrow, Thursday 6th May

This week sees a big change in West Yorkshire as voters go to the polls tomorrow.

Residents will be asked to elect their first ever metro-mayor for the region, as well as taking part in local councillor elections.

In what is set to be a busy day for elections, around 48 million people will be casting various ballots across the country this Thursday, May 6th.

What elections are being held in West Yorkshire?

There are two elections being held in the region, with councillors being elected to serve on local councils and the first-ever West Yorkshire mayoral election taking place.

The new metro mayor for West Yorkshire will chair and lead the West Yorkshire Combined Authority, absorbing some of the previous responsibilities of the West Yorkshire police and crime commissioner..

This role will now include appointing the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police and raising the portion of council tax which helps fund the police.

When do polling stations open?

Polling stations will be open between 7am to 10pm.

At polling stations, voters will need to wear face coverings – unless medically exempt – and social distancing measures will be widely enforced.

Voters are encouraged to bring their own pens or pencils to mark ballot papers.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there will also be emergency measures for people who have tested positive prior, or who have been forced to self-isolate.

Under this circumstance, an emergency proxy can be appointed up to 5pm on polling day.

Who is running for the first West Yorkshire Mayor?

The candidates for the first West Yorkshire mayoral election are:

Tracy Brabin – Labour

Bob Buxton – Yorkshire Party

Andrew Cooper – Green

Stewart Golton – Liberal Democrats

Matthew Robinson – Conservative

Waj Ali – Reform UK

Thérèse Hirst – English Democrats

Where do I go to vote?

Local polling stations may have moved this year so it’s worth checking where your allocated station is ahead of time.

The details of this should be on your poll card, delivered to your address. If you’ve lost it, you can check your allotted station here.

The deadline to register for postal votes has now passed.

When will we know the results?

Following the election, voters will have a three-day wait to find out who their new mayor is.

Due to social distancing rules, the count for West Yorkshire mayor will take place on Sunday May 9th.

Ballots will be verified on Friday, then sealed and stored securely until Sunday when the count will take place 

A spokesperson for the council said: “The elections for the West Yorkshire mayor will take place on 9 May 2021.

“All five constituent councils will be counting with reduced staff due to social distancing measures.

“It is anticipated the count will take longer than usual, however no timings have been confirmed at present.”

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