Fury as George’s Great British Kitchen in Leeds closes suddenly without notice

Some diners were left stranded after turning up at the restaurant for their booking, only to find it had closed.

George’s Great British Kitchen on The Headrow in Leeds has closed suddenly, leaving some diners furious after they turned up for their reservations – only to find the kitchen had shut down.

The restaurant, which first opened in 2017 according to a lease document posted on its door, quietly announced its shock closure via a sign that went up on 15 June.

A sign on the door reads: “This restaurant is now closed for business.”

Image: The Hoot

A lease document on the restaurant’s door, headlined ‘notice of peaceable re-entry’ advises that the property’s landlord had ‘re-entered’ the building on June 15 and, as a result, the business’s lease has now been forfeited.

The solicitor’s letter also states that criminal proceedings would take place against anyone trying to get inside the business subsequently.

Peer through the windows, though, and the restaurant looks untouched – with tables all laid up for the next service.

However, some diners with bookings were left stranded after turning up at the restaurant to find it closed.

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Image: The Hoot Leeds

On the restaurant’s TripAdvisor, some reported that St George’s British Kitchen was still taking bookings despite the closure.

Another said they had even received a Father’s Day confirmation email that said the restaurant was ‘looking forward’ to seeing them, despite the fact it had closed.

She wrote: ” Taking bookings and sending confirmation emails.

“Got an email this evening for Father’s Day tomorrow saying looking forward to seeing you.

“And the place is closed. Disgusting.”

Another tried to warn others of the restaurant’s closing, writing:

“Decided on a meal at George’s so booked online 1 hour before visit.

“Arrived before a concert to find notice on door.

“Another couple too approached us that was booked in too.

“Just to warn others.”

The website page for the Leeds branch of George’s Great British Kitchen has now been taken offline, with the site reporting a URL error.

The restaurant in Nottingham, however, still appears to be operational.

Feature image – The Hoot Leeds

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