Giant potato found in crisp packet in Huddersfield

Crisps should come as lots of slices, not as one whole lump, but this packet in Huddersfield clearly didn’t get the memo.
potato in crisp bag

A woman from Huddersfield was shocked to find their her usual Aldi crisp packet was filled with a potato rather than crisps.

Working from home has many benefits, but the cut in cost for lunch is defintely one of the best.

Unfortunately for one woman, part of her lunch was inedible as she found a giant potato inside for bag of crisps.

The 30-year-old from Huddersfield had purchased a multi-pack from Aldi but it wasn’t until she opened the packet that she made the discovery.

The potato was found inside a crisp packet in Huddersfield. / Image: Metro

The whole potato was accompanied by a small soggy crisp. Crisp bags are known for being full of air, but this measly amount takes the meaning to a new level.

The potato had been slightly salted with the same flavouring as the packet, so assumably the potato simply ‘slipped the net’ at one stage of production but was not discovered until it was purchased and brought home.

Aldi stock over 35 varieties of crisps online and often change their stock regularly to suit the needs of customers.

According to The Metro, in 2015, a similar situation arose after a Reddit user uploaded a photo of their Mesquite BBQ potato chips only to find a whole potato inside.

The unlucky crisp-eater decided to give the crunchy potato a taste, commenting: “Tried it. Wasn’t good. Tasted like a stale, burnt french fry/salt cube”.

The Reddit user described his packet as a “breed of mega crisp does crop up on the crisp scene“, and explained that potatoes can accidentally end up in crisp packets when the slicer head jams.

It is likely that this is an isolated incident and we hope for the sake of these unlucky customers, her next bag of Aldi multipack crisps is filled with sliced potato, rather than the whole one she discovered.

Feature Image- Metro

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