Heinz confirms the proper place to store ketchup

Ah the age old debate…

Should ketchup be kept in the cupboard or in the fridge?

It’s a question we’ve all heard before, and at this point, in 2023, it’s an answer that we just can’t seem to agree or see eye-to-eye on, no matter how hard we try to come to a decision.

The debate has generated opinion from pretty much everyone who’s ever tasted the classic condiment, but now, Heinz has finally decided to weigh in and end the conversation once and for all, reports The Manc.

“FYI: Ketchup. goes. in. the. fridge!!!,” Heinz UK casually confirmed on social media.

The manufacturer’s iconic red sauce with an “unmistakeable taste” and “unique flavour” has been a staple in UK households since it was first introduced all the way back in 1886, but while millions of Brits will find common ground in the fact they probably have a bottle or two at home, where they choose to keep it, however, isn’t the same across the board.

Heinz knows this all too well.

But despite the debate raging on for decades, the company has kept pretty tight-lipped on its stance… until only recently.

Choosing to weigh in on X, formerly known as Twitter, the manufacturer first dropped the bombshell that “ketchup goes in the fridge”, before going on to reply to shocked fans and ask people to give their opinions on an interactive poll.

The results of Heinz’s poll revealed that 63% of respondents agreed the condiment should be stored in the fridge, while just over 36% think it should live in the cupboard.

Northern Ireland is apparently “the worse cupboard offender in the UK”, according to Heinz, with 58% of the responding population choosing to keep their ketchup bottles behind room-temperature doors, while the Welsh capital of Cardiff, on the other hand, keep it in the fridge “where it belongs”.

“If it was meant to be in the fridge, they’d put it there at supermarkets,” one confused consumer quite-rightly questioned.

“No this is wrong on every level,” another adamant person wrote.

A third ‘team cupboard’ fighter wrote: “Take it back!!!!,” while a fourth added: “Never, ever has it ever gone in my fridge, nor anybody elses,” and another said: “Heinz don’t even know where their product should be stored.”

While it does seem that lots of people disagree with Heinz, there was, of course, a good chunk of the hundreds of comments siding with the company.

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Regardless of Heinz’s take though, the replies prove the debate will never end.

Featured Image – Mike Mozart (via Flickr)

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