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‘Kung-fu kicking’ Wakefield pig farmer threatens to shoot activists on camera

A Wakefield pig farmer is accused of ‘Kung-fu kicking’ a Meat the Victims activist and has been captured on camera threatening to shoot others.

The incident took place at Hall Green Farm in Wakefield on July 30, when more than a dozen Meat the Victims activists went to the property to protest against the “disgusting and inhumane” conditions pigs are kept in at Willow Farm Products Ltd.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has since said it is unable to confirm whether any concerns had been raised regarding the conditions animals are kept in on the farm.

Video footage from the incident shows a huddle of animal rights activists inside a shed as a group of people, believed to be farm employees, walk towards them in the early hours of the morning.

One man, believed to be a farmworker, then shouts at the group whilst brandishing a metal bar in their direction.

“Get the f**k out now,” he warns, before going on to threaten the group.

“All of you get out, otherwise I will wrap this f**king bar round your f**king heads.”

In another, different video clip filmed separately you can see the man approaching other members of the group before threating them again.

“I’ll tell you now, if you’re not f**king gone within two minutes I’m going to get a gun and f**king shoot you all,” he says, before seemingly leaping down an aisle and ‘kung-fu kicking’ one of the activists in the back – causing them to crash to the ground.

Meat The Victims claim that pigs are “covered in their own waste and they have no choice but to s**t and sleep where they stand.

He then appears to hit a second activists who is stood against a wall. He then can be seen telling them to “get the f*** out” before being pulled away by a co worker.

As if this wasn’t enough, further footage shows him push another man to the ground whilst saying “get on your f***ing face” and punch another person stood in the road on a nearby estate.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police said: “Police were called to a farm at Hollingthorpe Lane, Hall Green, Wakefield, at around 5.15am on Saturday (31st July 2021) following reports of an assault.

“Officers attended at the address and found a number of people present nearby. Following enquiries a man was arrested on suspicion of four offences of assault.

“The arrested man was later released under investigation and enquiries remain ongoing.”

Farm owner Caroline Medforth was contacted for comment by Yorkshire Live but did not want to speak on the matter.

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