Manchester’s naughtiest adult-themed cocktail bar is coming to Leeds

‘A hidden den of debauchery and indulgence.’

Described as a ‘debauched cocktail bar’, Behind Closed Doors is set to open in Leeds city centre.

Strap yourselves in Leeds, because our nights out on the tiles are about to get a whole lot naughtier.

Hidden away in Manchester’s famous Northern Quarter is Behind Closed Doors, a speakeasy-style basement cocktail bar which is decked out head-to-toe with vintage erotica.

After ringing a bell for entry and making your way through the secret door, you’ll find walls covered in 1970s vintage pornography, retro neon signage and tables equipped with their own phone known as the ‘BCD hotline’ where fellow party goers can call one another to engage in naughty gossip.

Behind Closed Doors aims to bring ‘sex, rugs & funk ‘n’ soul’ to the people of Manchester, and now they’re bringing it to us lot over in Leeds.

The risqué speakeasy bar will be opening up on Call Lane, and although we don’t know the exact location yet we’re sure it’ll fit right in with this iconic street’s late night party atmosphere.

And it’s not just the decor that’s cheeky, it’s the cocktails too.

Image: Behind Closed Doors

Their list of signature cocktails include the The Chocstar Martini; loaded with lashings of whipped cream and chunks of chocolate, and the Kitten Mitten which features Bombay Bramble, Martini Rosso and of course comes with a condom pegged to the side of the glass.

Most definitely bringing a new meaning to the word cocktail.

The perfect place for late night drinks with friends, a cheeky date night spot, but perhaps not a bar to bring your mum and dad to.

No official opening date has been announced yet, but we can’t wait for Behind Closed Doors to come to Leeds and we’ll be listening intently for further news.

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Featured image – Behind Closed Doors

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