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The all-you-can-drink remote working cafe near Leeds with unlimited coffee

Imagine paying once and then being able to stay all day? This coffee shop near Leeds offer just that and they throw in a post-work pint too.

In Halifax, the popular coffee shop, Coffee Rules Everything Around Me, known as CREAM, have come up with the ultimate remote working package.

Tired of forking out for cups of coffee just for a seat at the table? Us too.

There’s nothing worse than trying to work hard and make that cuppa last until you hit your word count.

So when CREAM announced that they will be offering a flat day rate for remote workers to take advantage of, we were all ears.

The £15 a day package includes everything you need for a full productive day at the remote office.

Brunch and unlimited coffee? This day rate can easily pay for itself if you’re a caffeine lover. / Image: Coffee Rules Everything Around Me

Come in from 8am and pay up, then the food and drink just keeps rolling in.

In the morning, you’ll get a croissant to start the day: because who can start the day on an empty stomach?

Once you start getting peckish again, you can choose some brunch from CREAM’s plentiful menu and that should see you through.

Until 4pm, you will also receive unlimited soft drinks, wifi and, perhaps best of all, you’re guaranteed a table with plugs.

Neither you nor your laptop will ever run out of charge again.

If you’re a religious post-work drinker or you just fancy a pint to finish off the day, the staff at CREAM will grab you a lager as part of the package too.

Given the high prices of coffee and croissants, this is might be a serious consideration for any city commuter.

Swap coffee for a pint once you’ve finished for the day at no added cost. / Image: Coffee Rules Everything Around Me

Swap the hustle and bustle of Leeds city centre and spend the day in suburban countryside with views of the Dales for miles around.

Halifax is the perfect place to change up your usual 9 – 5 remote working routine, but if you can’t get down to CREAM during the week, they do an delicious bottomless brunch deal with unlimited espresso martinis on the weekend.

For more information, visit the CREAM Instagram page.

Feature Image- Coffee Rules Everything Around Me

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