The best places to get iced coffee in and around Leeds

The best spots in and around the city for your summertime caffeine fix.

Iced coffee anyone?

Given that the sunshine has finally made a long-lasting appearance, we’ve switched all our coffee orders to iced lattes for the foreseeable. For long summer afternoons lazing around as you walk around the city centre or early morning rises before the midday heat kicks in, we’ve got your iced coffee order covered.

Keep reading to find out our top picks for iced coffee in and around Leeds.

Kulture Coffee

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Newly opened Kulture Coffee has been having a big impact on Kirkstall and beyond since its debut just a few weeks ago. Serving up your regular fresh iced lattes and Instagrammable pink vanilla bean offerings with whipped cream, this is sure to satisfy your daily caffeine needs.

Home of the Volcano Cookie and one of Leeds’ only brunch spots inspired by Sydney’s renowned coffee culture, the pairing of cookies and coffee effortlessly fuse inside the small cafe. Take a seat between boho-alternative decor and plenty of indie art pieces from right here in Leeds and while away the afternoon, iced coffee in hand.

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Canary Bar

iced coffee.
Image: Canary Bar

Bask in the sunshine on benches between fairy lights and sip on huge steins of iced coffee- it’s got to be one of the best views you’ll find in Leeds for an iced caffeinated drink.

If there’s Grab a seat at the bar and crack on with your to-do list, this is one of the most work-friendly bars we’ve ever come across. The tables are huge, enough to easily fit six plus laptops and plates and you’re never too far from a plug socket. The atmosphere here is quiet and relaxed, but intimate and inviting: the waterside views facilitate much of this but the friendly bar staff and Mediterranean menu is what turns a one hour stay into a full afternoon of working at the Canary Bar.

IF… Up North

Image: The Hoot Leeds

If…Up North has been a Leeds staple since first opening back in 2016 – and now there’s a whopping three different locations across Leeds, including an espresso bar on Vicar Lane to choose from. Whilst the breakfast menu boasts a wide range of drinks, including local coffee from North Star Coffee Roasters, cocktails and smoothies- the iced coffee here is made for sunshine days, you’ll thank us later.

Laynes Espresso

Image: The Hoot Leeds

A regular coffee spot for just about anyone walking past New Station Street on their way to work, Laynes Espresso is the go-to choice for Leeds, and for good reason. Our office order includes plenty of iced oat meal lattes with a shot of agave, if you’re stuck for your order.

Mrs Athas

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Those looking for a gluten free or vegan sweet treat to go along with their morning dose of caffeine should look no further than Mrs Athas. With a cake selection that has enough variety to suit any dietary requirements, this spot is designed for those wanting to have their cake and eat it too. The iced coffee selections here are conveniently located on Central Street, so you’re never too far, no matter where in the city centre you’re walking from too.

Green Room

Image: The Hoot Leeds

North Star will is a key part of the bar here and is providing non-alcoholic options aplenty to fuel daytime guests with coffee options using ethically sourced coffee beans. There’s even space to bring your laptop and set up for a day of remote working inside the open-air space.

Located in the historic building next to the newly renovated Majestic Building and the new Channel 4 HQ, Green Room blends an eclectic mix of industrial fittings, warm soft furnishings, reclaimed furniture to bring laid-back drinking and dining to the masses- and judging by its warm reception at the opening, it’s going to be an incredibly popular watering hole all summer long.

Rabbit Hole

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Opening their very own cafe in mid-July, Rabbit Hole has been taking over the Leeds coffee spot for quite some time. Whilst the new cafe is under renovation you can get your iced coffee from either Chophaus in Roundhay or right in the city centre in the Victoria Quarter.

The Plant Collection

Image: The Hoot Leeds

Known as Leeds’ first independent plant and coffee shop, this hidden gem is on the cusp of the city, covered in foliage, and absolutely stunning inside. Sip on cold brew whilst choosing your next plant to take care of. There’s also four different types of coffee to choose to take home with you, including Leeds’ own North Star Road, Chipp Coffee, Maude Coffee and Sheffield’s Cupper Choice.


Image: Pastel

Pastel is well-known for its gorgeous summertime hues and themed cocktails, and whilst their coffee may not be as well known, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s any less deserving of the limelight. Powered by Mammoth Coffee, Pastel opens at 10am each day to get you your morning cup (or two) however you take it. There’s also plenty of boozy options, should you feel the need to take your espresso shaken not stirred.

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Feature Image- The Hoot Leeds

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