West Yorkshire police officer sacked after taking tuck shop Jaffa Cakes

The Halifax officer was just 90p short when paying for the Jaffa Cakes but has been sacked after a disciplinary procedures.
bowl of Jaffa Cakes

A West Yorkshire police officer has been sacked after taking two Jaffa Cakes without paying the full price from a station tuck shop.

Usual arguments break out about Jaffa Cakes about their classification: are they a biscuit or a cake?

But at a Halifax police station, a far more severe row has broken out after a police officer took two packets of Jaffa Cakes from the police tuck shop without paying full price.

The police officer in question was found guilty of gross misconduct and given an instant dismissal.

The Halifax officer sacked for their donation was 90p short. / Image: Canva

Police believe that the Jaffa Cake incident had brought “discredit on the police and the service“.

The Halifax police station set up the confectionary stall in early 2021, where the table sold crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks in aid of a charity trip to Uganda.

According to sources, there were only two 5p coins left in the cash tin, but the Jaffa Cakes were priced at 50p each in the station, making the sacked officer 90p short of his £1 donation.

The police officer that has been sacked denied breaching police standards and thought that any underpayment would have been a “genuine mistake“.

However genuine this may have been, the mistake was understood to be a case of gross misconduct and the officer has been sacked as a result.

Going through the disciplinary procedures can be a difficult and emotional time for any person. Punishments can end is verbal or written warnings, suspension, demotion or transfer and dismissal depending on the findings of a hearing.

In this case, the decision was made to sack the police officer from Halifax, so if you need a reminder to pay in full at your local charity stall for a sweet treat, this is it.

Feature Image- Canva

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