Channel 4 is looking for couples from Leeds to take part in a big ‘sex experiment’

A sexperiment, if you will.

Channel 4 is currently casting for one of its boldest TV shows, and needs some “adventurous couples” from Leeds to take part.

If you cast your minds back to right at the beginning of this year, you may remember that Channel 4 grabbed headlines when it announced that it was looking for adult virgins who were willing to volunteer themselves for a brand-new reality series with the working title, ‘The Intimacy Retreat’.

The nature of the new TV show might not have come as a mega shock to some, as the broadcaster is also behind other sex-based reality shows such as Naked Attraction and Sex Box too.

But now, Channel 4 has put out another nationwide casting call, and this one’s for the potential third series of what is probably one of its most daring shows yet, Open House: The Great Sex Experiment – with producers currently on the look-out for the UK’s most “adventurous couples”, including those from West Yorkshire, to take part.

Unfamiliar with the premise of Open House: The Great Sex Experiment? Well, in a nutshell, the series basically explores whether relationships can thrive without monogamy.

In what is described as a “bold social experiment”, a group of monogamous couples are asked to consider, for the first time, if they would be happier in open relationships, while relationship coaches and sex therapists assist them in their journeys to challenging the notion that having sex with other people is at odds with being in a committed relationship.

However, it’s not all plain sailing, as the couples discover the difficulties involved with abandoning monogamy.

The bold reality show’s producers are on the lookout for ‘adventurous couples’ / Credit: C4

The casting call on the Channel 4 website reads: “Do you fancy taking part in a potential new series of ‘Open House: The Great Sex Experiment’? Do you question monogamy? Would you like the opportunity to explore opening up your relationship? In this bold concept, committed couples come to a luxury retreat to test whether opening up their relationships and having sex with other people will strengthen their bond.”

Reckon you’re up for it then? If you fancy taking part in the next series of Open House: The Great Sex Experiment, then head on over to the Channel 4 website to find out more and apply.

You can stick an application in HERE.

Featured Image – Channel 4

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