The Leeds garden ‘super pub’ with a dancefloor, darts and football screens

Don’t even try and pretend like you wouldn’t jump at the chance to have your own boozer in your back garden

A grandad in East Leeds has built the ultimate garden ‘super pub’ behind his house – and it looks absolutely incredible.

What started out as a ‘man cave’ building project for Richard Spear 4 years ago has become so much more, with his backyard build taking on a whole new life during the past year’s successive lockdowns.

Initially, the plan was just to find somewhere quiet to put him and his pizza oven – but then the pubs closed, so he kept on building.

Finally finished after four years of construction, today the back garden pub is seriously impressive and could give a lot of places in Leeds a good run for their money.

Richard Spear and his wife Maria inside their garden 'super pub', the Taverna Mexicana
Richard Spear and his wife Maria inside their garden ‘super pub’, the Taverna Mexicana

Called the Taverna Mexicana, it has its very own pizza oven, bar, dance floor, and a karaoke machine for the family to crank out the tunes on after a few bevies.

It also has a pool table, darts board, and three TV screens – perfect for watching the football together on.

There’s a good selection of spirits on the bar, as well as several taps pouring beers and bitters like Stella Artois and Tetley’s Bitter.

the bar at the garden 'super pub'

It really looks the part – right down to the branded drip mats laid on the wooden bar and a stack of pint glasses behind it/. .

The pub has disco lights and beer barrels with stools, to really give it that ‘going out’ feel – and out back, there’s a smoker that Richard has built from an old filing cabinet, dart board and a table football game.

The pub took him four years to complete, growing over the years into the epic garden ‘super pub’ it is today.

A table laden with food and drink inside the garden 'super pub'
The family regularly get together in the pub to watch the football or just have some quality time together

According to his family, it’s “way better” than the real thing and has become the perfect place for them all to come together. His daughter Fiona Lyons, who lives next door, also loves not having to bother with getting a taxi home at the end of the night.

Speaking to Leeds Live, she said that the garden ‘super pub’ has been great for bringing their family and friends together and that they often gather at the pub to watch football matches and celebrate special occasions.

We have to say, we’re pretty jealous and wouldn’t mind something like this in our backgarden. Especially for watching the final on Sunday.

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