The Yorkshire accent has been named the best in the UK

Too reyt.

The Yorkshire accent has been named the best in the UK, proving once and for all that there’s no better place to be born and raised than God’s Own Country.

With its roots in Old English and Old Norse, we’ve always thought that the Yorkshire dialect was pretty damn special. Of course, we’re biased, but now there’s some new evidence to back us up.

A new study by Wordfinder WordTips has found that of 40 dialects in the UK, the most popular hails from Yorkshire.

Specifically, Sheffield – but we’re still taking this as an all-round Yorkshire win, especially considering how many southern places have appeared on the new list.

Using data from Twitter that examined social media user’s posts, WordTips analysed a total of 528,600 tweets and used an AI algorithm to determine the positivity of each one in order to find the most loved UK and international accents.

The algorithm calculated the proportion of positive tweets about each accent by evaluating the possibility of a text being positive, negative, or neutral.

Coming in at first place was Sheffield, representing Yorkshire, with nearly forty percent (39.9%)of tweets about the accent being considered positive. No doubt celebs like Jamie Cook, Dominic West, and The Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner will have done a lot to promote the tones of the steel city.

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In second, behind Sheffield’s Yorkshire tones, was Wiltshire with a 39.5 percent positivity rating, followed by the universally popular Geordie accent. After that came Nottingham, Somerset, and Derry, followed by the Lancashire accent in seventh place for positivity.

The top ten most popular UK accents were then rounded up by Cardiff at number 8, Essex at number 9 and the Bristol accent at number 10.

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The world’s most popular accent, meanwhile, was discovered by WordTips to be Tunisian.

10 of the best accents in the UK:

  • Sheffield (Yorkshire)
  • Wiltshire
  • Geordie
  • Nottingham
  • Somerset
  • Derry
  • Lancashire
  • Cardiff
  • Essex
  • Bristol
  • Featured image

Featured image – Ian S via Geograph / Wikipedia

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