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This Leeds restaurant is making ice cream fried chicken burgers

It shouldn’t work, but it really does

Yes, you read that right – a restaurant in Leeds is serving up ice cream fried chicken burgers and they look incredible.

If you love ice cream and you love fried chicken, you absolutely need to try this new creation from Merrion Street fried chicken spot Yard and Coop.

ice cream and chicken sandwich being held

In a truly indulgent move, the team here has combined their signature fried chicken tenders (which come fried in a golden cornflake crumb) with two generous scoops of clotted cream ice cream from dessert pros Rogue Ice Cream.

The chicken is treated in honey and buffalo sauce, plonked in a brioche bun, then finished off with the sweet and silky ice cream scoops to create the ultimate cheat day burger. It’s called the Vanilla Thrilla, and comes served with skin-on fries and buffalo sauce on the side.

ice cream and chicken sandwich being held
The Vanilla Thrilla is a new burger on the Yard and Coop menu, available for a limited time only / Image: Yard and Coop

The burger is created in collaboration with Mancunian ice cream makers Rogue Ice Cream, award-winning artisans who use all-natural ingredients have 8 Great Taste Gold Stars to their name.

Yard & Coop first opened in Leeds in 2019 and have since made quite an impression on us with their huge range of delicious fried chicken dishes.

Wash it down with a nice pint of beer / Image: Yard and Coop

As well as dishing up these mega burgers, they also do 10p wings every day – it really is the perfect spot for a few drinks with mates and a cheeky bit of chicken. Be warned, the ice cream burger is only available for a limited period of time.

To find out more and book, click here.

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