TransPennine Route Upgrade programme to ‘improve connections between the region’s towns and cities’ – with exciting Leeds upgrades

Leeds is set to receive track updates and a brand new station under the development plans.

As part of the TransPennine Route Upgrade Scheme, a 70-mile route ofd upgrades between Manchester and York, Leeds has been noted as one of the cities to receive upgrades.

In total the route passes through 23 stations, just under 30 level crossings, dozens of bridges and 6 miles of tunnels.

It is reported that the Transport for the North Board met yesterday and welcomed the progress made on the TRU so far.

As part of the programme, a new station with longer platforms due to open later this year at Morley; track upgrades through Leeds and a full junction remodelling at Stalybridge allowing trains to move between different lines at higher speeds, plus signalling upgrades and works for future electrification are all already underway.

Previously the TRU has been responsible for the biggest track upgrade at Leeds station in 20 years, adding Platform Zero in 2020 and remodelling the track layout between platforms 4 and 6.

Lord McLoughlin, Chair of Transport for the North has commented: “It is heartening to see Government continue to move forward with investment in the TransPennine Route Upgrade and to retain its commitment to the initial stages of the Northern Powerhouse Rail through funding of the Integrated Rail Plan. Our focus as a Board is on a rail service that is reliable, resilient, and environmentally sustainable and we will continue to bring forward credible and affordable long-term proposals for transforming the North’s transport network.

“We are pleased with the programme’s progress which demonstrates how speaking with one voice on key transport investment decisions for the region is necessary, if we are to drive inclusive and sustainable transformational economic growth and rebalance the UK economy.

“We still believe that the TRU should be wholly electrified and be fully gauge cleared for W10/W12 to support the growth in freight movements from our Northern ports, so supporting the North to reach its true economical potential.

“Transport for the North has established a clear role working alongside Government, our member bodies and the wider transport sector, to deliver improved outcomes, such as those outlined in the TRU, for our residents and businesses.”

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