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Thwaite Watermill will not be leased by Leeds Museums and Galleries from 2025

But you can have your say on the heritage building’s future.

The news was announced as part of a money-saving strategy last month when Leeds City Council released a statement, naming an increase to council tax, end museum leases and add car parking charges to local parks as ways that Leeds City Council proposes to save next year onwards.

The proposal suggested ways to save some £58.4 million for the year ahead, and exiting the lease with Thwaite Watermill five years earlier than planned is reported to see ‘savings in the range of £650,000-750,000 over the next five years original lease due to end 2030’.

outside of mill with canals on side.
Image: Leeds Museum & Galleries

The site has been noted to have low visitor figures, with 9,502 having visited Thwaite Watermill in 2022, this only makes up 1% of all Leeds Museum and Galleries visitors.

The attraction has been open since 1990, but with Leeds City Council have made the decision not to renew the lease in 2025, rather than its original date of 2030.

The site is currently leased from Canal and River Trust who own the property and this means that there is now a chance to have your say about what Thwaite Watermill could be in the future.

Leeds City Council is asking those interested to fill out a five-minute form with two simple questions: ‘considering the opening statement and the Council’s financial challenge, do you agree with the proposal for Leeds Museums & Galleries to end its lease and cease operating the site?’ and ‘If Leeds City Council were to hand the site back to Canal and River Trust, what would you like to see for the future of the site?’

There is ample opportunity to give further evidence or explanations to your answer, as well as share your own memories, how often you’ve visited previously and some personal details as part of the questionnaire.

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Image: Leeds Museum & Galleries

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Those interested in having a say on the future of Thwaite Watermill can find the full survey here.

The last day entries will be recorded is Friday 19 January 2024.

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