The best vintage boutiques and thrift shops in Leeds

The best second-hand garms, thift-shop finds and vintage boutiques around.

The best stores, as ranked by review.

According to a new study by Betway, Leeds is one of the UK’s best destinations for second-hand shopping- and for good reason.

Leeds is home to thrift shops and vintage boutiques aplenty, each paving the way for new sustainable fashion trends and reducing the amount of waste created by the fast-fashion industry.

As part of Betway’s study: Thrifting Capitals of The World campaign, the team have also found out where exactly we should be shopping for our sustainable garms. Making their judgement by analysing Google ratings and reviews to rank and reveal the top five thrift and vintage boutique stores across Leeds, here are the top picks.

1. Vintage Boutique

Headingley Lane, Headlingley, Leeds, LS6 2AS.

Vintage clothes on hangers with a disco ball above.
Image: Vintage Boutique

For those soley interested in shopping for second-hand treasures, Vintage Boutique is an unmissable stop. Located right in the heart of studentsville spaces between Hyde Park and Headingley, this vintage store has plenty of hidden diamonds in the rough, just waiting to be uncovered.

Expect a huge array of 70s and 80s bangers, as well as contemporary house mixes amongst old football scarves, retro Nikes and an impressive collection of classic novels.

The Thrifting Capitals of The World gave their two pence on why Vintage Boutique has claimed the hotspot. “Based in Hyde Park, Vintage Boutique takes the crown for being Leeds’ number one shopping destination for any vintage junkie.  Specialising in a range of sportswear, accessories, designer labels – and not to mention thrilling vinyl records – this store has lots to offer when it comes to retro pieces that evoke a warm sense of nostalgia. 

“This shop in particular is reminiscent of fashions of the 60s, 70s and 80s era. From denim dungarees to the most glittery sequin dresses, Vintage Boutique will take your wardrobe back in time.”

2. Cow Vintage

County House, 82 Vicar Lane, Leeds, LS1 7JH.

Image: Cow Vintage

Cow Vintage is a long-time vintage store that was offering gorgeous redesigned garms long before second-hand fashion was a part of everyday shopping. The brand has therefore has the experience to bring Leeds some of the most innovative designs in the city, all created from thrifted goods- railed alongside quirky homewear and gifts, there’s plenty of modern pieces hidden between old 60s pieces that still have plenty of life left in them.

The campaign concluded that: “With stores also located in Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Nottingham, Cow Vintage is a booming second hand vintage store that is loved by many. 

” an independent establishment that offers a sustainable alternative to fast fashion, Cow prides itself on offering pieces that are ethically sourced from around the world. What’s more, you can find some truly unique gems here, spanning from the 60s up until the roaring 00s.”

3. Blue Rinse

9-11 Call Lane, Leeds, LS1 7DH.

clothes hung up on a wall.
Image: Blue Rinse

A haven of old school Levi’s, tartan shirts, trinkets, and nearly-untouched pieces from the 70s, the three-floor Call Lane store has been a mainstay for vintage lovers in the city for decades.

Since moving to its new Leeds location, Blue Rinse now spans across a whopping five floors, each with their own unique style and plenty of one-off pieces waiting to be rediscovered.

What the study says: “Specialising in vintage, reworked and thrifted clothing, Call Lane’s Blue Rinse is another sustainable fashion outlet that is a cracker. From baggy flannel shirts to classic denim wear, this place will make your vintage clothing dreams come true. As a proud Northern vintage clothes company, Blue Rinse also has a shop located in Manchester.”

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22-24 New Market Street, Leeds, LS1 6DG.

Man in Red Bull jacket.
Image: BEST

Bringing a combination of premium and vintage streetwear to Leeds? BEST, located on New Market Street is the one-stop-shop that’s got everyone talking. Expect all the big names: Gucci, Palace, even rare Red Bull pieces between stacks of rare vintage trainers- plenty of which will appeal to Nike collectors.

The Thrifting Capitals of The World campaign says: “Selling a mixture of new, handpicked and pre-owned items from all over the world, this store prides itself on sustainability and offering customers an exciting shopping experience that strays away from the norms of fast fashion.”

5. Ryan Vintage

Person in a jumper.
Image: Ryan Vintage

13 Duncan Street, Leeds, LS1 6DQ.

Located right in the heart of the city centre, Ryan’s Vintage is a true gem hidden in plain sight.

There’s a huge selection of graphic tees of offer here with everything from Hacienda designs to 80s and 90s basketball-style prints: all of which come at a thrift shop price (none of this upselling for second-hand goods seen elsewhere).

Betway’s study commented: “Known as the longest-running, best value vintage clothes shop in Leeds, Ryan Vintage is a must-visit if you’re in search of some trendy vintage wear for the festival and warmer seasons ahead. Based on Duncan Street, this store is located in the heart of the city centre and is packed with great vibes – and even greater fashion.”

To find out more about where in the world Leeds ranks for its second-hand garms, thift-shop finds and vintage boutiques, you can read the full Thrifting Capitals of The World campaign study on the Betway blog website.

Feature Image- Blue Rinse

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