A new neighbourhood bistro is opening in the Leeds suburbs next year

“Bavette is born out of the desire of its passionate and experienced co-founders to share their love of restaurants and create a relaxed, convivial bistro where food and wine are of equal measure.”

A new neighbourhood bistro is coming to Horsforth next year, and there’s just as much focus on the food as there is the wine here.

Named Bavette, the opening is the first venture from ex-Culpeper Group MD and Head Chef Sandy Jarvis and his husband Restaurant Manager and sommelier Clément Cousin.

Combining their previous experience at the likes of Brawn and The Buxton and Eat Your Greens here in Leeds, the duo plan to serve up a seasonal menu with wnes from Clément’s family vineyard in France.

The seasonal menu is expected to feature ‘classically-inspired dishes such as Pork Belly Rillons, Frisé Salad and Ravigote Sauce, Halibut, Vin Jaune Sauce & Buttered Leeks or Paris-Brest’, all of which can be perfectly paired with wine from the family vineyard or other exciting low intervention bottles from across Europe.

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And there’s still plenty of local influences to be anticipated too.

Clément is currently setting up Bavette alongside helping locals to find their perfect tipple at Eat Your Greens,

Bavette promises to source its ingredients ‘from the very best small-time growers and sustainable suppliers to serving wines that excite the most novice and well-heeled wine-lovers, Bavette will offer a warm, guest-centred approach to dining, creating a community restaurant for locals and visitors alike to return to again and again.’

And we can’t wait to see this place open.

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Bavette is expected to open in mid February 2024, taking over the site at 4-6 Town Street in Horsforth, just outside of Leeds City Centre.

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