The new Leeds bottomless brunch with Greek mezze boards and 90 minutes of free-flowing Prosecco and beer

This might just be the best value bottomless in Leeds.

There’s a new bottomless brunch in town- and it’s one of the best value options we’ve seen in a long time.

It’s no secret that prices of the food and drink industry are rising by the minute- especially in the city centre. What was once a standard £25 price for ninety minutes of bottomless brunch has now become a select few, with most now charging £30-£50 per head.

We’ve even managed to list the remaining few bottomless brunch options available for under £25: the options for a value bottomless experience really have become few and far between.

Image: Canary Bar

Now, reviving one of Leeds’ favourite past times, Canary Bar at Leeds Dock is combining their irresistible Mezze-style serving dishes with unlimited booze to bring us one of the most exciting new bottomless options.

The food menu carries the same level of consideration and leaves you feeling just as refreshed (forget that post-food coma, you’ll just feel incredibly full and satisfied instead). The Mezzes, both meaty and vegetarian come with a fresh Greek-inspired salad with plenty of olives, as well as warm pitta bread, smooth hummus and tzatziki.

In addition to these small plates, the meaty version comes with meatballs in a rich tomato sauce, as well as chicken gyros, whereas the vegetarian option swaps the meat out for halloumi strips, butter beans and stuffed vine leaves.

There’s plenty more on the menu to choose from though. Think Greek salads, wraps, burgers and mezze, all available with sides of halloumi fries and Greek olives- and all equally as fresh.

Turn this main meal into a bottomless experience for just £20 and combine your favourite flavours with bottled beer and Prosecco.

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Even the water for the table comes with lemons, and served in an ice-cold carafe, a far cry from the lukewarm water from other pubs in the nearby area.

To wash all this down with, water is far from your only option. The bottomless brunch offer includes all bottled beers and Prosecco- and you can mix and match as many of these as possible during the ninety minute sitting.

The only rules are all parties must purchase a main dish from the food menu to take part in the bottomless offer and then add the bottomless brunch at £20 a head – though we’re sure that given this is one of the best-value options in the city this will be widely accepted.

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Served exclusively on Easter Sunday, bottomless brunch is on offer at the Canary Bar at Leeds Dock until 3pm, booking in advance is recommended as this is likely to fill up the shipping container bar quickly- and it’s not difficult to see how.

For more information, including how to book a seat at the Easter Sunday bottomless brunch, visit the Canary Bar website.

Feature Image- Canary Bar / The Hoot Leeds

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