This Leeds takeaway is serving limited-edition camel kebabs

Bringing a different meaning to Hump Day.

Kebabs made from camel meat will be served throughout May- and they’re geniunely delicious.

I am Döner, a Leeds-based döner kebab takeaway service, giving to give ‘hump day’ a brand-new meaning throughout May and will be serving up kebabs with camel meat inside.

The camel kebab has been brought onto the menu for the month of May to celebrate the company’s expansion to the United Arab Emirates- but the Leeds takeaway will only serve up the speciality dish on Wednesdays to help get the city through hump day each week.

Given there’s only been one week of speciality serving I Am Döner don’t have the full reviews in just yet- but so far the kebab is proving to be very popular.

inside of kebab.
Image: I am Döner

Sharing its mission statement to ‘make the döner kebab more than a guilty pleasure for the intoxicated’ with the masses overseas, I am Döner has just set up in Dubai and available on delivery service app NoonFood, with plans to expand to Deliveroo and Talabat.

The camel kebab has been described as an “Arabian delicacy comprising slow-cooked camel rump, basmati rice, vegetables and garlic mayonnaise”, and despite common misconceptions, it’s not a tough meat at all (at least not from here).

Tasting more like a curried meat than anything else, it’s a unique foodie combo you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Plus, the meat is a delicacy in the Middle East and has lower fat than traditional beef and lamb meats used in the UK.

Michelin-trained owner Paul Baron has ensured that all meat is thoroughly tenderised before serving. The camel kebab will be an addition to the short menu of eight different kebabs usually on offer at the takeaway chain.

kebab being held in the air.
Image: The Hoot Leeds

Using 120 ingredients and homemade bread sauce, the popular takeaway currently has three stores: two in Leeds (their original Headingley store and one on Infirmary Street) as well as one in Harrogate, and now Dubai.

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Taking to Instagram to share the launch of I am Döner in the UAE, you can follow the progress of their Dubai store on Instagram, or sample their camel kebab every Wednesday throughout May.

Feature Image- The Hoot Leeds

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