The four-day working week has come to this Leeds firm

Charlton Morris will be offering their employees in Leeds a four-day work week finding it boosts productivity.

After a successful three-month trial, a specialist search firm in Leeds will be switching to a four day week.

Charlton Morris have announced that their 93 employees will benefit from working across four days instead of the traditional five.

The changes will not affect their salaries, so each employee will receive the same pay as before the changes were made.

Following a successful trial, the company found that shaving off a working day improved motivation in the workplace and successfully encouraged a ‘healthy work-life balance’.

Charlton Morris are introducing the wellbeing changes after a successful trial. / Image: Charlton Morris

Charlton Morris have had a successful comeback since the beginning of the pandemic. Despite being an industry deeply affected by lockdowns, the company took an incredible £9.2 million in the last financial year and placed 470 candidates in new positions around the country.

Their “new vision” of a four-day working week has been designed to give customers and staff “the best possible experience”.

The Leeds firm announced that the changes come under a new employee wellbeing package that was designed with staff priorities in mind.

Back in 2018, the Great Places to Work UK placed Charlton Morris as the 16th ‘Best Small Company’ to work for.

There are plenty of examples where the four-day working week has positively benefited businesses around the world.

Microsoft Japan swapped back in 2019 and saw a 40% increase in productivity, as well as a significant reduction in office bills like electricity and printing costs.

According to a US report, 15% of all organisations in the states now offer the four-day work week to some of their employees.

Between work from home and all the other drastic changes that the pandemic has brought to our working lives, it’s not surprising that the UK is joining the bandwagon and giving employees a flexible work-life balance.

Charlton Morris say that they are “proud to say that listening to what our people really wanted has helped us achieve exceptional success despite the trying circumstances”.

The new four-day week will be rolled out in line with the employee wellbeing package.

Feature Image- Charlton Morris

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