Yorkshire pizza boss rifles through bins to prove customer’s meal was delivered

He then knocked on the door and demanded a written apology of ‘no less’ than 750 words.

A Yorkshire takeaway boss has made headlines this week after turning detective in a bid to outsmart a cheeky customer who tried to get their meal for free.

Faced with a fraudulent diner who claimed their meal had not been delivered, the owner of York takeaway EborCibus Pizza decided to take matters into his own hands to prove their claim was false.

Connor Calland had been contacted by Deliveroo on February 17 to be told a customer had complained that their meal – ordered two days prior at a cost of £23.49 – had never been delivered.

Image: EborCibus Pizza

However, Mr Calland was told by his staff that the order, which consisted of a 12-inch ‘Solar Goat Pig’ pizza with mozzarella dippers and buffalo blue chicken loaded fries, had indeed been sent out

Determined to get to the bottom of the matter, he decided to get involved by visiting the customer’s address and rifling through their bins for evidence.

But it doesn’t end there. Having discovered his ‘proof’ in the form of containers covered in buffalo sauce in the bins outside, he boldly knocked on the door and demanded a written apology of ‘no less’ than 750 words.

Even better – he got it.

Mr Calland pictured delivering pizzas around York. / Image: EborCibus Pizza

Despite being told by a housemate that the customer was not in when he knocked, soon after demanding his apology Mr Calland received a grovelling email blaming ‘peer pressure’.

Taking to Facebook to share details of the incident, Mr Calland explained that these fraudulent claims cost his independent York business between £50 and £150 a week.

However, he has since said that after rifling through the bins he hasn’t had any more fraudulent refund requests.

The independent York eatery specialise in Detroit and New York-style pizzas, as well as serving a range of different burgers, fried chicken and loaded, dirty fries.

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Launched just before the Covid-19 pandemic forced the UK into lockdown in March 2020, the business has been through some trials and tribulations – initially setting up at the Jolly Sailor in Cawood before moving to spin their dough at The Crooked Tap.

Not long afterward, the hospitality industry was forced to close – giving EborCibus Pizza the choice of adapting or giving up.

Switching to a delivery service, they found a kitchen at The Knavesmire pub that summer. Eighteen months later, they’ve now secured a permanent home in The Mount at York and host regular pop-ups at Crooked.

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Fraudulent claims of undelivered orders such as this, termed ‘fake refunds’, cost businesses hundreds of pounds every year and appear to have grown in frequency since lockdown.

To follow EborCibus Pizza and see more of its delicious-looking food, check the eatery out on Instagram here.

Feature image –EborCibus Pizza / Public Domain Pictures

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