Leeds tops list of places in the UK with the highest paying salaries outside of London

With an average salary of £37,800.

According to new research, Leeds is the place with the best-paying jobs outside of London, followed by Cambridge, Bristol and Manchester.

A new study of postcode areas with the highest advertised salaries has revealed Leeds as the top-paying region outside of London, according to an analysis of more than 1m jobs conducted by the jobs site Adzuna.

With an average salary of £37,800, Leeds beats ‘Silicon Fen’ city of Cambridge, where advertised salaries average £37,692.

Leeds also tops Bristol with an average of £37,281 and Manchester that averages a salary of £36,690.

Unsurprisingly east central London, home to the bustling financial district, the City – also known as the Square Mile – is the highest-paid postcode area across the UK, with advertised salaries topping an average of £56,497.

The city of Leeds.
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Over in south-west England, Torquay in Devon and Dorchester in Dorset, are also among the 10 lowest-paid postcodes.

The lowest-paid postcode area is in the Outer Hebrides, seeing average salaries of £17,428, followed by Telford and Lerwick in Shetland.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “Jobseeking doesn’t need to be a postcode lottery. Those looking for lucrative work could start by searching in postcode areas with higher average pay cheques and our data shows areas like Leeds and Manchester are great options.

“It can pay to look a little further afield when considering a new role, even if you don’t want to move location. For remote workers, focusing the job search on areas at the top of the salary charts could help you bag a pay rise, while considering a commute could mean a salary lift for those working in the office.

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